AVG taking forever??

  badgery 09:13 22 Feb 2005

My AVG, free, is set to scan each morning and normally takes about 10-14 mins.
Today it is still going (slowly!!) and showing one HOUR and 4 mins - and still counting. From the number of files 'done' I reckon about another half hour at this rate.
Anyone else having any similar problems?

  rawprawn 09:22 22 Feb 2005

No problem here, have you got something else running at the same time ? Adaware for example.

  badgery 09:34 22 Feb 2005

Only my 'normal' stuff, Zone alarm, Microsoft antispyware, but these have been running every day for weeks with no problems.

  rawprawn 09:39 22 Feb 2005

Sorry I really meant scanning, not running. Have you changed "Scan Selected Area" in Test Centre ?

  rawprawn 09:42 22 Feb 2005

Or in Control centr Properties have you ticked scan all files

  badgery 09:48 22 Feb 2005

Sorry, rawprawn, cannot even find " scan selected area" you mention.
Now getting a bit lost!! Unfortunately, must go out just now, will try again later. Thanks.

  rawprawn 10:19 22 Feb 2005

I don't really think that "Scan Selected Areas" is relevant, but to get to it Open AVG Control Centre/Click on Test centre, you will see Scan Selected Areas on the Right Hand Side below Scan Computer.
I think if you have ticked Scan all files in Control Centre Properties that would cause your scan to take longer.

  end 14:38 22 Feb 2005

I"ve just run mine , for the sheer hell of it , with Adaware, and spybot running at full pelt in the background all performing full system scans ,"the works", plus Mailwasher in the background
My AVG scan took just under 6 minutes ::))

  rawprawn 16:26 22 Feb 2005

Just tried mine for time. Scanned 88026 objects and it took 38 minutes. I suppose a lot depends on what is on the computer.

  badgery 16:43 22 Feb 2005

Thanks guys, changed control centre to scan selected only, and chose C drive and 'my docs'.
Presently at 30+mins for about 70000 objects(and running on!!).
Never had this length of time before, I'm positive, 'end's' time was nearer my previous, about 10 mins.
May try an uninstall and re-install to see if that helps.

  rawprawn 17:20 22 Feb 2005

Come on, tell us how.I have seen you around the forum a lot and I respect your postings. I cannot see a way to reduce the scanning time unless you pick and choose.I only have 256 RAM and if I try and scan using say Adaware and AVG at the same time, my computer really does slow down. OS XP Home SP2.

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