Is AVG stopping its free version next year?

  eh? 23:11 21 Nov 2006

Hello All
Someone just told me that AVG is stopping its free version next year, its the first I have heard of it true?

  Kate B 23:20 21 Nov 2006

No, it's not. I think there are a few threads about this.

  Stuartli 23:22 21 Nov 2006

A new version of AVG, 7.5, is available.

Support for 7.1 will end in the middle of January.

That's is what is causing the myth that AVG will no longer be free...:-)

  eh? 23:27 21 Nov 2006

yes I did some googling and found exactly that- you need to upgrade to the new version. Apologies, I should have checked before posting, I just panicked I guess!
Thanks anyway.

  johnnyrocker 23:42 21 Nov 2006

and a resolved tick would be good


  Ollyolly 07:59 22 Nov 2006

I understand that AVG are stopping support for 7.1 in January and I get the impression that AVG are trying to sell version 7.5 now.
Will a free version of any version be supported in January though?

  Technotiger 08:13 22 Nov 2006

AVG Free *will* continue to be available after January. So no need to panic.


  eh? 10:01 22 Nov 2006

I did tick resolved....don't know why it hasn't dunnit....

  Ollyolly 10:52 22 Nov 2006

Thanks Technotiger for the quick response

  Dave was 7312 12:38 22 Nov 2006

So what has one to do when the previous version of AVG is no longer supported? Has one to start again and download a completely new program?

  Technotiger 12:43 22 Nov 2006

No - no action necessary - AVG Free will continue automatic.


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