AVG - slower than it used to be?

  TimCDC 22:10 18 Dec 2010

I've always run AVG on my home machines and currently have the 2011 version 11 installed. Recently I've noticed that everything runs very much slower, even to the point of nearly non-response from other programmes, when AVG is either updating the virus database or running a scan. This even happens on a brand new computer running Windows 7 (the other ones have been running XP).
So I have two questions for the supportive wisdom of this board:
1) have other people noticed this as well?
2) I'm considering uninstalling AVG and just running Microsoft Security Essentials - I guess that will still give me good enough protection?

  ronlin 22:18 18 Dec 2010

I had the same problem after updating to 2011 , so ive uninstalled it and installed avira antivirus personel click here in its place , seems to be doing a good job so far .

  birdface 23:23 18 Dec 2010

Very fast using W/7 it does a full scan in about 14 minutes.
What other Security programs have you got.

  LastChip 01:28 19 Dec 2010

As a long time user of AVG, it saddens me they have now produced an anti-virus solution that approaches Norton for being bloated, and frankly unusable.

I actually use Debian Linux almost exclusively now, but I do have a couple of machines that still run Windows for legacy purposes.

Only today, I uninstalled AVG (which was a nightmare on the 2011 version) and installed the free version of Avast, which has a good reputation of late and has certainly transformed the computers speed.

It gives me no pleasure at all to say, uninstall AVG 2011 and find something else. But until they get back to basics and design a speedy replacement for 2011, AVG is a non-starter and never more so, if you're running older hardware.

  onthelimit 09:34 19 Dec 2010

I find MSE does the trick, but I back it up with Superantispyware and an occasional scan with Malwarebytes.

  TimCDC 10:01 19 Dec 2010

Thanks for these replies. Think I will uninstall AVG and look at one of those alternatives. I think I exaggerated the slowness a bit on my W7 computer: it IS slow when scanning but real slowdown seems to be mainly when it is downloading updates. There aren't many other programmes on there for it to clash with or to be slowing down the machine in general so I really think it is AVG that is at fault: the slow speeds only seem to happen when the AVG icon in the system tray is flashing.

So I think I'll uninstall AVG and look for some alternatives. Thanks for the advice.

  alB 10:34 19 Dec 2010

I have also had problems with the latest version of AVG, I now use Avast free and find that runs much better ...alB

click here

  Bapou 11:53 19 Dec 2010

Resident Shield seemed to be the culprit with it's scanning everything before opening. Now when working offline I switch it off. Opening folders and programs such as Photoshop and Nero work without hindrance.

Just switch back on before connecting to the internet.

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