AVG - Should it run at startup?

  pauleboy 17:49 19 Apr 2008

My mother-in-law's machine has started to run fairly slowly and can lock up when using IE. I looked at what was running in Task Manager and saw the only really active process was AVG. Also there seemed to be a lot of hard drive activity so I assumed that AVG was performing a scan.

I do not use this particular bit of software so could anyone tell me does AVG always perform a scan at startup or is this because it has been configured to do so?

Also is there any real benefit at running a full scan at start up if this is affecting how other programs run? I should say my mother-in-law is pretty good at checking her security for an 80 year old and has zone alarm installed as a firewall, runs frequent anti-virus scans etc so I am sure she would manually run a scan on a daily basis.

Any other suggestions?


  Clapton is God 18:01 19 Apr 2008

If your mum-in-law is running frequent AV scans there is absolutely no reason to run a scan at start-up.

Obviously any AV program should start to run in the background at start-up, otherwise its purpose is pointless.

Use msconfig to see what other processes are running in the background. This will help you to decide which to leave running and which to disable click here

  birdface 18:23 19 Apr 2008

Stop it running at start up.And let her do it manually.Night time before she goes to bed or if she is going out.When running Avg there is a little square at the bottom that you tick.And when it finishes scanning it powers down the computer and stops it running.

  Covergirl 18:49 19 Apr 2008

In Services I've got :
Alert Manager
Update Service
Resident Shield Service and
E-mail scanner all running

In Processes, I've only got
which is ticked in Startup in MSConfig. It loads the systray icon and the Control Centre program into memory.

(You can close this down or stop it starting up and still right click my computer and select Scan with AVG).

There are two schedules already set in the Control Centre - a "test plan" and an "update plan in basic mode".

To my knowledge, it doesn't do any scans at startup and there doesn't appear to be any way of adding a scan into the Schedule in the Control Centre unless you've got the paid for edition.

I don't think it's AVG but I might be wrong - what about the age old problem of insufficient memory and paging out to the HDD ?

Try a clear out of Temp Internet Files, History etc etc. She might lose her cookies but as long as she's got all her passwords noted and links & favourites set up first, that shouldn't pose a problem . . .

  Sea Urchin 19:10 19 Apr 2008

Yes, you can schedule a daily scan on the free version of AVG. Go to Scheduler and highlight "Test Plan in basic mode" - click Edit Schedule and select a time. You can also arrange for it to scan at start up if the time has been missed.

  brundle 19:19 19 Apr 2008

AVG will scan daily if the options aren't changed during installation.click here

See FruitBat's posts in this thread; click here

  birdface 19:21 19 Apr 2008

Or you can set it not to scan at all.

  Covergirl 19:21 19 Apr 2008

Hmmm ! So you can.

Check it's not set up to scan at startup. You can modify this schedule not to start, or maybe delete it if it lets you.

Then see if it's any faster.

  birdface 19:33 19 Apr 2008

Launch Control Center.Click on schedular.Scheduled tasks.Highlight test plan in basic mode.Edit schedule.Untick periodically start scheduled anti virus test.Ok.That switches the scan off.Then just run the scan manually.

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