AVG Reboot for update....or not

  Epirb406 20:10 20 May 2008

Hi all,

I have two PCs, running next to each other, one XP Media Centre one XP Pro.

Current AVG stats for both:

Ver; 7.5.524, Virus Base; 269.23.21/1456

One PC demands a restart to update the virus base, the other does it 'on the fly'.

Any ideas why the two different?

Thanks folks, Brgds, Epirb.

  Halmer 20:11 20 May 2008

but if I recall there is an option to change how it deals with updates on the update properties.

  Epirb406 21:14 20 May 2008

I know I shall have to look at the new version for the end of the month but still cannot fathom why the two machines behave differently....


  Seth Haniel 08:24 21 May 2008

underr the update manager - advanced properties there is a series of tick boxes - ie update instantly or update on next startup (not recommended if machine on constantly)

maybe 7.5 has the same advanced settings somewhere
one pc could have it ticked the other not ;)

  birdface 09:01 21 May 2008

I would stay with AVG 7.5 until the 8 version is fixed properly.It may also slow your computer down a bit.Every time I scan I get 190 problems.But they are false positives and I would have thought that AVG would have sorted this problem out bye now.

  Epirb406 19:03 21 May 2008

Interesting to hear about AVG 8, I will wait a while on that one.

However the mystery remains, one machine updates itself and starts using new virus database without a restart and the other doesn't.......?

Brgds, Epirb.

  Epirb406 08:02 05 Jun 2008

Still no idea, most frustrating one is when rebooting one machine from cold is that it goes online, updates and then asks to be restarted!!

Brgds, Epirb.

  Technotiger 08:17 05 Jun 2008

Why the difference - quite simply because they are two different computers. It would be like expecting ALL of our computers behaving exactly the same, just because we are all using AVG!! No two computers are identical, so their behaviour will differ too.

  johnnyrocker 09:08 05 Jun 2008

the one and only time my AVG ever asked for a reboot to update it ended up screwing my machine and ended in having to give up on AVG and switch to avast.


  Technotiger 09:11 05 Jun 2008

I have always used AVG7.5 and since last couple of weeks AVG8, neither have asked for reboot, nor have I had any problems whatsoever with install and updating each.

  Seadog 11:05 05 Jun 2008

Just to put my bit in here, I had the same problem with AVG 7.5 pro (i.e.. the one you pay for) and after reading a couple of posts about this simply uninstalling AVG then re-installing it cured the problem.
Don't know why or how but it worked........I think I read about this first on one of the AVG forums.

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