AVG - Re-Bootng after EVERY update

  Dirty Dick 17:56 21 Dec 2007

I'm running AVG FREE on Desktop (XP) & Laptop (Vista). When I update on Laptop , no problem but when I update on Desktop I have to re-boot to complete update EVERYTIME. Idid post on a different thread, but felt this was hi-jacking, so I have posted this as a se[perste item. How can this happen?

  mfletch 18:00 21 Dec 2007


If the message appears even though you rebooted, please perform following procedure:

Please run AVG Control Center->Update Manager->Settings->Advanced tab-> use "Delete update temporary files" button.
Reboot your PC.
Try to update again

Any help,


  brundle 18:01 21 Dec 2007

Download latest version (click here) and CCleaner (click here). Disconnect from net, uninstall AVG, reboot, run CCleaner (files and registry cleaner), install new AVG.

  birdface 18:34 21 Dec 2007

Hi.Do what X7-250 says ,When I had the same problem as you ,thats what I did to get rid of it.Mind you up-dates look about 24hrs behind.but works fine.

  p;3 22:51 25 Dec 2007

there have been several updates since you posted this; on recall I think only one has required a reboot to install correctly ; does your coloured icon turn black each time it required the reboot?

  Dirty Dick 11:02 26 Dec 2007

... EVERY update has required re-booting. Still can't fathom out how to stop it. the icon on the Taskbar turns black, and if I try to to a further update, it says it has failed, until I have re-booted the PC.

I have run CCleaner and done a "spring clean", and deleted lots of stuff I no longer require.

Any further suggestions grateful.


  p;3 11:17 26 Dec 2007

try this

go to

click here

choose section 625 then
click here

click here

then click here

when the dialogue box comes up try with add/remove components; the agreement number may be shown ;

then retrace your steps and head for the repair option ; again the dialogue box should come up with your agreement number on it;

carry on and do the repair job;see if THAT sorts it?

  birdface 11:26 26 Dec 2007

If you tried X&-250 fix it should update automatically.Right click icon on quick start.Go to Launch AVG Control Center.Click on up-date Manager.And at the bottom click on properties.Put the dot in Update Immediately.Make sure there there is no dot in update upon next computer restart.Apply Ok.And I presume that you are talking about AVG Anti-Virus.

  p;3 11:42 26 Dec 2007

which is a valid point ; this thread IS discussing avg antivirus 7.5 program ?and not avg malware is it? may this be clarified please

as there is

avg antimalware
click here


avg antivirus
click here

which are different programs

  Dirty Dick 11:47 26 Dec 2007

Yes, it is AVG FREE antivirus 7.5 program

  p;3 11:58 26 Dec 2007

in which case try the repair steps at Wed, [email protected]:17

for how long HAS this error been occuring?

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