AVG problem

  slightlymad 12:28 13 Mar 2003

I recently installed AVG. I've had a couple of suspicious emails which indeed turned out to have infected attachments, but I got no alert from AVG. (And yes, I've checked that the email scanner is active.)

If I save the infected email to my desktop, then right-click and select "scan with AVG", it confirms that there is a virus. But why won't it do it from within Outlook Express?

  €dstow 12:39 13 Mar 2003

You have to tell AVG (an other antivirus software) where to look for viruses. Have you carried out the setup procedures?


  slightlymad 16:37 13 Mar 2003

Aah, the light is dawning. I've just checked the AVG Control Centre, and it was configured to scan Outlook. I've put a tick in "Use Outlook Express 5 Plugin", so now all should be well. Many thanks, €d.

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