AVG Problem

  zant 10:45 04 Oct 2009

My laptop PB Easy Note XP SP3, which has used free AVG for a year has today announced: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

I have tried this route to no avail. Using the AVG uninstaller it uninstalls ok, but a new installation gives the same message. Going the Revo route doesn’t solve the problem.

A belt and braces approach, ie deleting everything related to AVG, then deleting all registry entries via regedit and finally using Search for AVG entries and deleting those, doesn’t work. I have not made the mistake of failing to restart before installing a new programme; I have also downloaded from two different sites.

I have looked for conflicts but can’t find any, and concluded it must be a bug in my laptop. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Out of desperation I have installed the Free Avast which is working ok.

  provider 2 11:08 04 Oct 2009

I think you would be better to stay with Avast if, as you say, it`s working ok.

By clearing out everything related to AVG you have eliminated the chances of conflict with the remnants of another AV, the main source of problems when changing from one AV to another.

Avast is just as good as AVG and many would say considerably better as far as the free versions of these programs are concerned.

  provider 2 11:23 04 Oct 2009
  zant 11:44 04 Oct 2009

Thanks P2. Must say I am inclined to agree with you, but would like to know what is potting.

Have e-mailed AVG as well, will come back if they respond.

  provider 2 11:49 04 Oct 2009

OK, but while you wait you might like to look at the AVG free forum to see if anyone is having the same problem: click here

  Sea Urchin 15:19 04 Oct 2009

>> Have e-mailed AVG as well, will come back if they respond. <<

You'll be lucky to get a reply from AVG - as the free version doesn't include any support. In a similar situation I did receive an email reply - just to tell me they couldn't help unless I bought the program.

  zant 17:09 04 Oct 2009

Thanks P2 and SU, at least I have protection via Avast so I shall play it by ear.

So far Avast looks ok and many people seem to like it, and some of the write ups I have seen also say nice words.

  provider 2 10:33 05 Oct 2009

I don`t know if you`ve seen this already but the new version of Avast is due to be released this month: click here

Frankly, the old user interface didn`t have too many fans and was beginning to look very dated, but I think the new one looks much better.

  zant 10:40 05 Oct 2009

Thanks for info P2, I didn't know they were planning a new version and because I'm getting used to Avast will give it a tonk.

  provider 2 10:59 05 Oct 2009

Good idea, but not yet. The testers are still ironing out a couple of bugs prior to official release so it would be better to wait until then before taking the plunge, so to speak: click here

(Unless you are particularly keen to try new things, of course.)

  zant 11:05 05 Oct 2009

Thanks again P2. You're quite correct in advising caution with a BETA and I'll do just that.

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