AVG / Outlook Set-up HELP!

  User-4CC88CE5-DA27-44EE-A0310A8D232498A3 08:36 04 May 2004

Can't get email!!

I am an Windows XP Professional (5.1) with Outlook (OEM) 2002 (10.2627.2625) user and cannot get me OUTLOOK email to work.
Recently purchased a new computer - and a new version of AVG 7.0. Previously used Norton for anti-virus protection with no problems.

I have copied all of the settings across (POP3 / SMTP etc.) and ALSO have found the help screen in AVG program that tells me about setting up a 'new server, including: Server Port (5200) and POP3 ( - I have changed these, but still have a problem when I test the settings from Outlook:

"Unable to connect to the incoming mailserver (POP3)..."

AVG's instructions for Outlook 2002 do not seem to be very clear - do not follow the ACCOUNT screens that I see in this version of OUTLOOK (2002).

When I use the AVG set-up WIZARD it only gives me options for OUTLOOK EXPRESS and despite following the subsequent process and instructions - it doesn't want to change!

Does anyone have AVG / NTL / OUTLOOK 2002 (or nearest) running ok - what are your account settings (not your password - obviously!)?


Can anyone help further? I am without email on my PC at the moment - still waiting response from AVG themselves.. and my hair is thinning..

  bamfiesler 08:56 04 May 2004

Hold on, see if I can help/////////

  joseph k. 09:04 04 May 2004

I know that this may seem a little too obvious to be of help, but I have overlooked the obious on a few occasions. As you say this is a new setup, I can't help wondering if your ISP email service is currently undergoing some difficulty. I have missed this myself in the past. AVG 6 (the freebie runs brilliantly with my XP pro, and had done for months). This probably seems idiotic, but have you been to your ISPs home page and checked to see if their services are currently working.

  bamfiesler 09:05 04 May 2004

I have ran avg, and the e-mail scanner flag scans MS Outlook. Have you gone into Internet Options and looked at what you have in the Programs flag? You shd have the option of Outlook Or OE or Hotmail.

I would be inclined to uninstall AVG, reset the IE Tools flag as described, and Install AVG again. If it does the same thing, I'm at a loss as I don't use Outlook.

  bamfiesler 09:08 04 May 2004

yeh.... Joseph is right! It's the most obvious! You're not with Virgin.Net, Jingo, are you? ;-)

Thanks for the help.
Infact with NTL - they give you something called Correct Connect which checks the internet/ISP connection all kinds of ways - it's all fine.

The problem is definitely with the AVG / Outlook interface.

Previously with Norton the POP3 address had Norton content, something like..


..so it would check incoming mail in some way.
The AVG instruction on this just isn't crystal.

Perhaps I will try re-installing AVG, maybe it will sniff it's own way through.

I'm no "techie dunder-heed", but if I can't work it out how the heck does Jo-average?

Gob smacked!!

I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

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