avg or avast?

  chrisod 09:46 08 May 2009

which is the best/most recommended free anti virus? and if i choose one of these do i need any other downloads to go with it? and if so which ones. or is that all i need?

  Technotiger 10:14 08 May 2009

Everything you need to know, in one place.

click here

As far as anti-virus is concerned, my own choice is the Free AVG 8.5 which I have.

  birdface 10:16 08 May 2009

I use AVG but the experts about here recommend Avast as being the best,I stay with AVG because I am used to it.And just to add Avira is also well recommended.So maybe a choice of 3 you now have.

  chrisod 10:18 08 May 2009

ok thanks but do i have to pick one of each item? and if so is it possible for you to list the best ones also do i download each one and are they all turned on once downloaded and i ahve restarted pc.

  chrisod 10:19 08 May 2009

forgot to post that i use ie8 and vista home premium

  Technotiger 10:20 08 May 2009

My link above will answer all your questions - just have a good read of skidzie's recommendations.

  ened 10:24 08 May 2009

Having had problems with AVG I moved to Avast about a year ago and it does the job!

Both are equally popular and I had used AVG for years.

If you download either, and make sure it is set to automatically update, then you don't need to download anything else for anti-virus.

There are other utilities people will recommend for security but myself and several others on this Forum are content with Windows Defender and and anti-virus programme.

  birdface 10:24 08 May 2009

What Ant-Spyware programs do you already have on your computer.3 of the best are Malwarebytes[free or trial version]Superantispyware.and A squared.Any 2 of those three along with any one of the three anti-virus programs mentioned.Also Spywareblaster.That should be enough for you.

  Marko797 10:26 08 May 2009

I would recommend Avast. I used to have AVG but it let me down from a virus point of view, and also there were update problems continually. No problems at all since having Avast.

Point for you to note: use only 1 antivirus

  chrisod 10:27 08 May 2009

i am using virgin pc guard but have read on here that its not very good in comparison to others

  woodchip 10:28 08 May 2009

I use Avast on three XP Home Computers used it for over two years without any problems. Auto updates and hardly ever run it, other than the auto protect mode its in. but i do not go near file sharing sites

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