AVG not updated for months!

  clock 17:14 12 Sep 2006

My 18 year old niece hasn't updated her AVG free virus protection since October 2005!! I decided she should update immediately, even though this would take well over an hour. I ended up with the job but her ISP kept closing the connection so was unable to complete the task.

Question: Should I just download the up to date version of AVG from my computer onto a disc then uninstall her old copy and re-install the new one?

Seems like the simplest way to me?


P.S. Have had another try since typing this post - still no joy!

  Stuartli 17:19 12 Sep 2006

Use Avast! It updates automatically as required and provides a verbal and written confirmation:

click here

  brundle 17:21 12 Sep 2006

Uninstall AVG, reboot, remove all traces of AVG folders and files from the PC, search for u*.bin and remove those too (update files), reboot. Install the latest version (click here), and this large update offline click here

  Diemmess 17:22 12 Sep 2006

Because if you do not uninstall first first then the old version just might not want to accept anything but an update!

I wonder why AVG doesn't ask for the opportunity to update? Mine doesn't hesitate, but then I'm on BB.

  pj123 17:25 12 Sep 2006

Have to say my AVG free updates automatically whether I am logged on to the Internet or not.

I am on NTL Broadband "always on".

The latest I have is 7.1.405 updated 11.09.2006.

  john-232317 19:52 12 Sep 2006

Slight contradiction there PJ ? ;-)

  VoG II 19:55 12 Sep 2006

I think he meant not browsing but with an always on connection.

  clock 09:48 13 Sep 2006

Thanks everybody I'll do the uninstall/re-install.

pj 123, - I can't understand why it doesn't do the updates automatically. The settings certainly seem identical to mine, am going to look further into this!

Just one other thing, -, brundle mentions u*.bin, which reminded me that something similar came up on Internet Temporary Cookies which we couldn't delete - I think it was, n> BIN. Is this anything to worry about?


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