AVG not checking outgoing mail

  Nosmas 15:52 30 Jan 2004

I have been using AVG for a considerable time and regularly updating it via the Update Manager. I haven't yet downloaded Version 7 and am currently on v6.0.574 Database 364 - 29/01/04.

Quite by accident, today I discovered that my outgoing emails do not indicate that the mail has been checked by AVG. The latest one I can find on my 'Sent Items' folder with such a message has 'Checked by AVG anti-virus system (click here). Version: 6.0.532 / Virus Database: 326 - Release Date: 27/10/03' at the end of the message.

Is this a change instituted by AVG or is there a setting that somehow has been changed to omit the 'checked' message? If AVG have dropped this then I don't understand the logic of it. Surely it is reassuring to recipients to know that incoming mail has been checked against the presence of a virus?

  961 16:01 30 Jan 2004

Mine stopped displaying this message some time ago. At one stage I did a re-install of the programme and the message reappeared but only for a short time.

I do not assume that the e-mails are unchecked, just that the message has gone

  misog 17:19 30 Jan 2004

In the AVG Control Centre click on the E Mail Scanner tab and tick "Check Outgoing Messages" and "Certify Outgoing Messages"

  Djohn 17:51 30 Jan 2004

AVG Control center/e-mail scanner, and place a tick in the "Use outlook express plug-in" j.

  Nosmas 18:02 30 Jan 2004

Thanks for your response. When I looked at the email scanner tab ALL FOUR boxes on the left were checked (i.e incoming AND outgoing mails were all set for checking) BUT the box on the right 'Use Outlook Express 5 Plugin' WASN'T checked.

I currently use OE6, but checking that box has now resulted in the necessary message being appended at the foot of the outgoing emails.

Will now 'Green tick' this thread.

  Nosmas 18:03 30 Jan 2004

Thanks, but your response appeared whilst I was composing my reply to misog

  Djohn 18:04 30 Jan 2004

If you can't see the checked message on your outgoing/incoming mail, then it's not being checked. You need to place that tick in the plug-in box for it to work with "Express". j.

  Djohn 18:05 30 Jan 2004

Snap! ;o)

  Nosmas 18:43 30 Jan 2004

As I said in my reply to misog, I can now see the 'checked' message on outgoing mails. However I have NEVER seen a similar message on INCOMING mails, with or without the 'plugin' box being checked.

Are you sure that means they are not being checked? I did raise a query about this a long time ago and was assured by Grisoft that incoming mails were checked even though no message was appended to them.

  Djohn 18:52 30 Jan 2004

My apologies Nosmas. You will not see them on incoming mail, unless the sender also uses AVG, but it is checked by AVG.

Just that it's so long since I received an e-mail from someone that was not using it themselves, I have become used to seeing it all the time. :o(

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