AVG and NortonAV

  olyman 14:38 07 Mar 2004

I installed AVG 6.0 when Norton wanted £19 for subs renewal. Norton is stil installed but now with out of date Definitions. If I run NAV it records a scan of 130,000 files. If I run AVG it only records 29,000 files. Is there something wrong with the AVG installation? During scanning the magnifying glass doesn't move over the full 10 pc logos but repeats after 7. I don't know if that is of any significance. I suspect that AVG is counting the main folder as one file whilst Norton is counting sub folders. Can anyone confirm this?
AVG takes about 30min and NAV 45min for a full scan.

  Big Elf 14:52 07 Mar 2004

It may be that each have the scan options setup differently. I've read that it's not a goood idea to have 2 AV running in the background as it can lead to conflicts. AVG may be set to 'scan all executable files' rather than 'scan all files'.

  Stuartli 14:53 07 Mar 2004

AVG is first class anti-virus software from Grisoft - I wouldn't worry about it......

  Paranoid Android 14:55 07 Mar 2004

You should only use one installed virus scanner, and set on-demand scanning to scan all files.

Also, a virus scanner with out-of-date definitions is not worth the space on your hard disk.


  olyman 15:44 07 Mar 2004

Thanks for the responses.
I don't run both programs together. I reactivated and tried NAV because I was curious about the behaviour of the moving logo not completing its run. I am not worried about AVG as such, just concerned that there might have been a glitch in the installation. I'll check on the settings as Big Elf suggests.
AVG reports scanning 20Gb which is a bit more than the used space so I suppose I shouldn't worry.

  palinka 16:53 07 Mar 2004

Norton takes forever to scan; AVG is quicker. I don't know why either, but I'm happy with AVG which has never let me down in 4 years. I did use Norton when it came installed on a new system; but switched back to AVG when sub. expired.

  Jester2K 16:55 07 Mar 2004

Open AVG, Service menu, Complete Test Settings, Make sure "Test all extensions" is checked. AVG might not be testing all files when NAV is / was..

  olyman 18:15 07 Mar 2004

You were right. "Test all Extensions" was unticked. When I ticked it and did a scan it reported 114,000 files scanned and increased the time by 50%.
There is no mention of this option in the AVG Help Files. If this is necessary I would have thought it should have been ticked by default. The Settings have not been changed since installation.
The options that were ticked were "Documents and sheets", "Program files" and "Smart Scan" which seems to cover everything but apparently not. I don't understand the significance of this extra option.

  olyman 18:21 07 Mar 2004

Of course AVG may have recommended not ticking that option during installation as being of minor significance but I have no recollection of that

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