AVG, Norton etc

  Splodge 11:20 08 Jun 2008

As usual, people are agonising about their secutity Anti-Virus etc. So I repeat my response to one of the postings as under!

I have tried them all and had most on at the same time. But,see below!

Try out Windows LiveCare by Microsoft! At
click here

It insists you remove all other anti-virus and spyware products before installation but it offers a 90 days free trial and then costs around £40 p.a. You can also use it on 3 computers!

I have trying it out for a month and have had no problems. It is simple, it will run a weekly scan, time you select; defrags hard drive and removes unnessary files and automatically downloads updates!

So simple compared with the half a dozen or so programs I was running previously! And... who better than Microsoft to protect its' own product!

  johnnyrocker 11:28 08 Jun 2008

certainly not M$ in my opinion, you allso do not mention any virus protection and a once a week scan provides no real time protection?


  Splodge 11:31 08 Jun 2008

If you try the link it will give you that information about the antiVirus and it is "Live Protection!" i.e. a virus cannot get by the firewall!

  johnnyrocker 11:32 08 Jun 2008

is the firewall one way or two?


  johnnyrocker 11:32 08 Jun 2008

there is no link.


  Splodge 11:34 08 Jun 2008

Try out Windows LiveCare by Microsoft! At
click here

  Splodge 11:37 08 Jun 2008

Have a look at the

best antivirus package post.

There the link works. Why this one doesn't I do not know! It was a direct "copy and paste"!

  birdface 12:06 08 Jun 2008

Tried it and didn't like it.I prefer my security programs to be separate that way if one goes wrong it is easier to repair.AVG.A Squared.Kerio Firewall.price Free.And probably do a better job.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:12 08 Jun 2008

I am afraid that you are sadly misinformed. There is NEVER any need for a home user to pay for any computer protection. I have used AVG free for years and have put it on nearly a hundred computers. Apart form the fact that viruses are very rare these days, it runs very well. I have never used a firewall for 5 years as I find them to be useless because if you give a programme permission to run (even inadvertently) you are screwed...which is why so many Trojans infect computers that are 'protected' by firewalls. I recently purchased a wireless router with a built in firewall which is more than enough protection.

You seem to be swept up by the security hype so the best advice that I can give you is to use a free AV (Avast or AVG) and any antispyware programme such as Spyware Terminator or Spybot. With a little common sense, you will have more protection than you will ever need.


  provider 2 12:21 08 Jun 2008

"If you really insist on software that offers a lot of mediocrity, go ahead and buy OneCare."

click here

  Splodge 12:51 08 Jun 2008

Well that does tell me!

I looked at the review and I admit it is damning!

But, I have to say, with a number of anti-Viruses on my computer which include the ones mentioned, I seemed to spend half my time checking for updates and running the programs.

Avast; AVG; Xsoft; PC Guard; Spybot; Windows Defender; Spysweeper and others at some time or another!

Too much, too much!

I think, on reflection, I will run LiveCare for its 90 days then review its performance!

Meanwhile I back-up weekly to a USB Drive (via Acronis) so, if things do go wrong, I lose at the most one weeks work!

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