AVG on new Laptop

  hawthorn59 03:33 25 Oct 2006

Sorry for the title, it doesnt fully explain my query! First, I am buying a new laptop at the weekend, and have sold the one I am currently writing this on. I decided to keep the old hard drive as a lot of my work etc is on it, and I bought a new one, so mybuyer will have completely clear (well almost!) machine. Though as i am using it for a few days its not quite clear!
I got my nephew to install it (hes a technician in a pc shop). Now my query is 4-fold:

1 With new HD installed I wanted to go online.The only Anti Virus I have is Norton System Works 2003.But as its mine I didnt want to put it on this machine permanently. So i thought Id load it on to get immediate protection, and then perhaps download AVG for my buyer, and uninstall Norton. Does this sound like its a good idea? It did take Norton a good 30 mins to download the updates, so I hope I didnt catch a virus in that time.What do you think?

2 When my nephew was installing the new HD he entered my name. So now it appears in various places as user name (task manager etc). its not a big deal, but is there any way to change it? Ive changed it in user name but that doesnt change it everywhere else.

3 Maybe Im being paranoid, but I think that just MAYBE the laptop isnt running quite as fast as I expected it to with a nice new HD. Is there a possibility that I picked something up in the time it was updating Norton? Is there any guideline you can give me (eg how long it takes something to open...?) to check it? Its HP zv5000, 512 Ram, AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+ XP2
Also I notice, when I press ctrl, alt, delete for Task Manager, sometimes it shows 100% processor uses but instantly changes to something normal like 5%.

4 Finally on my new machine I will probably install Norton Systemworks 2003, it will give me a years updates. Will this work well enough, or should I buy a new version of it (or some other one)?

Really sorry for the long post, many thanks!


  terryf 03:40 25 Oct 2006

1 The only way to check if you have a virus is to use progs like AVG, A-squared
For item 2, google for 'winxp change user name', lots of answers come up
Item 3 It is normal behaviour for the task manager to leap up then revert to a lower figure
For item 4 stick with AVG Free

  Belatucadrus 09:49 25 Oct 2006

I'd stick with one of the free AV products like avast! or AVG, but if you feel you want to stay with Systemworks, I'd check to see if 2003 is still supported. Symantec have a habit of selling updates to unsupported old versions and they always wash their hands and deny responsibility if it goes pear shaped because it hasn't had the program updates that would enable it to cope with new threats.

  birdface 09:54 25 Oct 2006

Its Possible that it is Norton that is making your laptop go a bit slower, On a New Machine if you have to use norton, Get an up to date One,I use AVG 7.5 Anti-virus and it's free,You need a good Anti-virus + Good Firewall, MIght think about Downloading a Spyware malware program to go with the others, Ewido, Or A Squared,They are both free,Also Spyware Blaster,It runs in the background,and you only need to check it once a fortnight for up-dates.

  hawthorn59 15:53 25 Oct 2006

Great help so far folks, many thanks. Yes I am thinking of AVG for myself too, as well as for the buyer! I did however, on some site or other, read of a few problems people had with version 7, i think it was? Even one person who had had AVG for years, all the earlier versions etc. But when he got v7 he had a lot of problems, and so changed from it. Any experience of that?

The ONLY reason I kept installing Systemworks 2003 when I changed my pc a couple of times, was for Cleansweep. I did find it great to uninstall unwanted programmes or downloads. Dont say Add or Remove is as good cos its not! It's good if the programme is actually listed but most times its not.

So if I got AVG, can I buy Cleansweep seperately, or is there another good uninstall programme I can buy (or get free!)?

So I need a firewall? (I have XP SP2) Any suggestions?

And a Spyware Malware AND a Spyware Blaster..? I hope to have broadband soon, is there anything else I need?!

Thanks again


  Pamy 16:13 25 Oct 2006

1) Are you selling it with the operating system ?
2) What have you agreed to sell it with(Progs)?

If it were me, I would format the drive before hand over and put on what you have agreed with the buyer, as long as it is legal to do so. When you install the operating system and supply the buyer with the original disk you can put their name in.

  birdface 16:22 25 Oct 2006

I use Comodo, Its free,But you can use windows firewall untill you make your mind up,If you are happy about pop ups from the firewall comming up all the time so that you can allow Or Deny access to computer programs, Go for it,It takes about 2-3 weeks for it to settle down a bit,I still worry in case I let something through that I should not,

  hawthorn59 02:26 28 Oct 2006

I am selling my laptop but decided to install a new HD so my buyer will have an almost new machine. after it was installed, I loaded on Norton System Works 2003, and went online. I downloaded the updates so presume Im now protected. However Im wondering did I pick up anything while waiting for the updates to download (it took about 45 minutes).

I feel its running a bit slow and sluggish at times. Then again it could be by connection.

I got this message tonight, but I think it might be only on a particular site I was on, notebookreview.com

" Macromedia Flash Player 6.
A script in this movie is causing Macromedia Flash Player 6 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become nresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

I choose yes each time (it came about 5 times). The computer did become a bit unresponsive and i had to shut it down. It happened again but I think its only on that site, so this may not be part of the problem.

Also I checked the Disk Defragmenter, and it says : Total Fragmented 19%, File Fragmented 39%. It recommended fragmenting the disk. This is after only 4 days with the new HD installed.

Is this normal or have i a problem? I really want to sell the laptop working perfectly and fast!



  hawthorn59 02:27 28 Oct 2006

Sorry should have posted this as a new topic, and have done now.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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