AVG installs QtaxMax!!????

  eric_cantona 19:23 22 Jun 2003

Hi there

Bit of a puzzling one here, basically i have tried to install AVG anti-virus freeware on my PC, firstly from a coverdisk from PC Advisor and secondly directly from grisoft's site.

Either way the same problem happens (on mine and my girlfriend's PC), installation starts fine - but all of a sudden QtraxMax starts being installed on my PC!!! Spooky or what?

Anybody have a clue why this is happening? As a result i cannot use AVG!


  BBez 19:29 22 Jun 2003

try installing AVG in safe mode...

  BBez 19:31 22 Jun 2003

also try an online AV scan/Trojan scan to check for exissting virii u may have picked up with QTax Max...

  Valvegrid 19:31 22 Jun 2003

If the pair of you have been using this site click here you could some spyware and other nasties, suggest downloading this program and checking.
click here

  Forum Editor 19:42 22 Jun 2003

As you are no doubt aware, QtraxMax is a file sharing program. I have no idea how the installation starts to run, but it's certainly nothing to do with our coverdisk, or the AVG site.

  eric_cantona 20:01 22 Jun 2003

I did think that it was very strange - I have somehow managed to solve the issue on my g/f's PC, and i shall attempt it on mine tomorrow - as to why this was happening, i haven't the foggiest!! I tried a google search and found one or two pages with similar probs, but no solutions!

I shant close this thread quite yet cos i am still to re-try it on my pc, thanks for the suggestions, any more are more than welcome!

  Valvegrid 20:04 22 Jun 2003

How did you solve it, we would be interested to know?


  eric_cantona 20:07 22 Jun 2003

the simple is answer is i don't know!

I tried to install it in safe mode, but forgot couldn't access the d:/ in safe mode, so re-started and copied the setup programme off the disk into my documents, I tried to install it again and it worked.

Now why this was the case, I don't know - i shall try the same on my PC tomorrow, fingers crossed it'll work

  Valvegrid 20:09 22 Jun 2003

OK, I understand, but I would certainly check the computer for spyware and nasties if you've been using P2P programs.

Good luck


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