AVG and incoming mail.

  Edbanger 08:26 27 May 2003

I have seen this on another thread, it says
"incoming mail is certified virus free"
this at the end of any incoming mail when you use AVG. As I do not get this, is my AVG not configured correctly.If not how do I adjust this.
Thanks in advance.

  Morpheus© 08:33 27 May 2003

is that not from the sender of the mail?

double click the avg icon on the task bar and on the second tab, you can click email scanner..

  graham√ 08:38 27 May 2003

Click on 'Help' in AVG and look for Email scanner. Incoming and outgoing mail is scanned.

  -pops- 08:42 27 May 2003

Maybe you only get this with the fully paid up version. click here

  Edbanger 08:45 27 May 2003

I've just sent myself an email,but it did not have anything but the text I sent. All the boxes are ticked under email scanner so is there something else I'm missing?

  -pops- 08:48 27 May 2003

I use AVG free and it doesn't have a message even though the boxes are ticked. My son uses the Pro edition at his workplace and emails from him do have the message.

  Edbanger 08:58 27 May 2003

for the replies. like -pops- says maybe you only get it with the Pro edition.

  leo49 09:35 27 May 2003

Not so - it's part of the free AVG as long as you have configured it correctly.

  -pops- 09:46 27 May 2003

Would you care to reveal this information?

  Belatucadrus 10:03 27 May 2003

AVG free used to add the messages to outgoing mail on my old W95 system, but doesn't on XP, configuration details appear to be the same. No idea why.

  leo49 10:07 27 May 2003

No mystery - you just have to tick/untick the boxes.

Double click the AVG icon in systray and go to Email Scanner tab.

Tick all 4 boxes on the left hand side[Check/certify incoming/outgoing] Tick Outlook Express plugin on the right.click Apply.

Click advanced settings and on the incoming & outgoing Tabs ensure the 'with attachment only' box is UNTICKED - ie it'll check and certify all mail. On the certification tab you can see the message [and edit it I guess]that will be attached to incoming/outgoing mail.

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