avg and freecorder is it spyware

  patso 14:42 01 Mar 2011

Hi I just got this prog called freecorder to record from my sound card. after a recent scan with avg 2011 it has removed the programme to the vault and tells me in the report that it is spyware. i googled this and there is no reports on this prog being spyware, is this a false positive or is it spyware, it is a toolbar add on as i cannot record from the sound card with any thing else, audacity wont work for me, i am using vista home premium. any ideas welcome thanks.

  johndrew 14:52 01 Mar 2011

Is this what you are referring to click here if so you may find help here click here

Another option is to look at the AVG support site click here or ask.

If it is some other software from elsewhere a link to where you got it would help.

  Woolwell 16:12 01 Mar 2011

I know that this doesn't solve the immediate problem but it is odd that Audacity doesn't work. I have Vista Home Premium and it works well.

  Belatucadrus 17:08 01 Mar 2011

While the webpage states no spyware in the download, there are some reports suggesting that it contains PriceGong which claims to find great deals on various products online. This would appear to be AdWare and a bit of a pain in the posterior. I'd be very wary of it as I don't like software with concealed add-ons.

  patso 18:06 01 Mar 2011

Hi , yes johndrew this is the programme i downloaded that avg is saying is spyware. it completely removed it from the toolbars to the vault.Hi woolwell i would like to know which version of audacity works for you as it worked on xp for me but will not find the sound card to record audio from websites no matter what i tried, i am using vista home premium. this prog freecorder worked great but i dont know how to get it back from the vault if it is not spyware, any ideas thanks again. hi belatucadrus can you give me the link where it says this prog might be spyware?thanks again

  patso 18:24 01 Mar 2011

just an update, i uploaded this file to avg help site to have it checked, it was scanned ans is showing-
infections found 0
pups found 0
warnings 0
yet my avg scan removed it?
any ideas?

  robin_x 19:13 01 Mar 2011

I had Freecorder for some months without any apparent ill-effects.

My idea was to download occasional YouTube videos etc.
Since it turns out that I have never had occasion to do so, I uninstalled Freecorder.
Can't remember if I used Windows or Revo Uninstaller for that, but only yesterday noticed a toolbar while trying IObit Uninstaller.

I have just spent the last few minutes re-installing and uninstalling Freecorder by Windows/Revo and IObit

It's a pernicious little bugger.

Did a Windows search for 'Freecorder' on the whole HDD after final uninstall and deleted the remnants manually. Even then, I have probably missed some bits.

I hate Freeware like this. One of the hazards of being a tighta*se I suppose.

  johndrew 19:35 01 Mar 2011

Have you updated AVG recently? I may be that the definitions have been updated if the online check says Freecorder is OK.

  Bapou 22:43 01 Mar 2011

I've used Freecorder for some months now, when first installing, AVG was my AV. There was never any indication from AVG that Freecorder is a problem.

About 4 weeks ago I removed AVG in favour of MS Essentials and still no reaction to Freecorder's presence.

False positives are certainly not unusual after AVG updates. Files and programs in use for years are declared harmful.A couple of updates later, a full scan, they are no longer recognised as being so.

  patso 22:55 01 Mar 2011

ok thanks for all the advice. i will update avg and do another scan and will post back later or tomorrow,i appreciate all the help.it was the only prog i could get to record audio from web sites and worked perfect so would be a pity if it was spyware, as i said i was disappointed audacity would not work for me sas i really like that prog.thanks again

  Belatucadrus 12:58 02 Mar 2011

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