AVG (free) udates

  TTP 23:07 14 Jun 2004

There have been 3 updates in the last 4 days.The first one downloaded correctly but the control center still states that definitions are out of date, even after the next 2 updates, and highlighted in red is the date of the update even though it is the correct date.Having read the other posts for adaware/ZA (which ive got) is there something happening on the net to beat these free editions ? I use AVG(free edition), ZA(free edition), AdAware(yep you guessed it- free edition) and Spybot S&D(free). ZA , Spybot , Adaware show no problems is it just a quirk that will go away on the next few updates ?

  Djohn 02:22 15 Jun 2004

If you look at the info tab of AVG, is it showing.

Program version 6.0.706 and Virus database 462 Release date 14/6/2004. If so then this is the latest version and update. j.

  hugh-265156 02:43 15 Jun 2004

is this right click avg icon in tray 'avg control center/information' tab that the date of update is displayed in red or 'run avg antivirus' tab and then on the left of screen see 'virus database' that is in red?

to be honest i dont know, very sorry i had a look around the avg website earlier for some info and couldnt find anything re this problem.

of all the apps avg has never gave me any trouble at all whatsoever.

only thing i can suggest is to try maybe running a disk clean up or better still run click here on its default settings. this will clear any temporary files on your computer better than xp`s own disk cleanup. then try updating again and check info.

also try right clicking the start button/explore/c:\all programs/grisoft/avg6/update

click 'view/arrange icons by/modified' and delete all but the last dated one. restart computer maybe afterwareds.

if all else fails uninstall avg and try re installing it again.

  Valvegrid 06:57 15 Jun 2004

I had this a couple of months ago when I installed this computer and formatted etc. Somehow I got the date wrong by one day and was getting exactly the same as you with AVG, till I corrected it. Although you say it's the correct date, have you checked the date on the computer just to be sure it's set to the correct date. Sorry if you've already done that, but that's the only thing I can think of.


  TTP 13:55 16 Jun 2004

My Pc's date is only 1 month out of date (May) ! . Now i come to think about it i was in regional settings the other day to make sure I was on GmT ,language UK ,double checked keyboard set to UK layout ,etc i must have checked the month but clicked on may instead of june (mouse twitch i suspect) Cheers - fixed now

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