AVG Free - Rescue Disk

  Pine Man 14:09 28 Jun 2006

My daughter has just installed AVG Free on her laptop and chose to use the option to create a rescue disk.

The rescue disk wizard only appeared to allow for the disk to be created using a floppy drive but she has no floppy drive only a CD writer.

Is there a way to create a rescue disk on a CD or is it really necessary to have one at all?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:18 28 Jun 2006

In all the years that I have used AVg and on all the computers that I have installed it, I have never made a 'rescue disk'.


  MAJ 14:21 28 Jun 2006

but if you want to try, check out the last post in this thread, Pine Man. click here=

  MAJ 14:22 28 Jun 2006

That link didn't work try this one click here

  Pine Man 14:38 28 Jun 2006

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)> and MAJ.

The following is a precis of the link:- 'If you have a CDRW and know how to use its software you may be able to make a boot disk with it, and AVG can save the rescue files to a directory on the hard drive if you tell it too. Just transfer the files it makes to the CD after you make it bootable. You will need to look at the software you got to find out if it supports making it bootable and your computer will also have to support booting on the CD also'.

Unless anybody has a better idea I think I'll suggest to my daughter not to bother making a rescue disk!

  MAJ 14:51 28 Jun 2006

I wouldn't advise you not to make a rescue disk, Pine Man, if see can, it's just in the six years I've been computing I've never had to use one, that doesn't mean she wont have to at some stage. If she has burning software (like "Nero" for example) installed, it wouldn't hurt to have a rescue disk.

  terryf 15:11 28 Jun 2006

From the AVG help
If you are using the NTFS file system the Rescue Disk has only limited functionality! In case you have launched the system from the "system diskette", any disks using NTFS will be inaccessible, and therefore not testable.

  Pine Man 15:58 28 Jun 2006

My daughters laptop is a Dell running XP which uses the NTFS file system. Are you saying that even if she could make a rescue disk it would not be compatible due to the file system used by AVG?

  Pidder 18:31 28 Jun 2006

What does the rescue disk do? If any problem surely a complete new program instal would suffice.Presume the program was saved as a download and installed from there?

  VoG II 18:34 28 Jun 2006

From click here

Rescue Disk Wizard

The Rescue Disk Wizard menu item launches a wizard that will lead you through the process of creating a rescue disk.
The rescue disk will help you scan and clean files on your computer and
restore system areas in MS-DOS mode (from the command prompt) but it is
basically only intended for the OS Windows 9x/Me. The rescue disk can also be
used for NT based operating systems, e.g. Windows NT/2000/XP etc.
However, such operating systems must be installed on a FAT32 formatted
hard drive.
This function is useful when you need to remove viruses from a computer:
o that has sharing violations problems
o to which you do not have sufficient access rights
o that has its system areas infected

  terryf 00:17 29 Jun 2006

As I and VoG™ say, a rescue disk isn't much use with NTFS.

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