AVG Free Edition 2011 - Update Failed

  shazza65 20:50 26 Oct 2010

I currently run XP and have downloaded the above.

I have been trying to do an update over the last couple of days. It seems to download something, then when it gets to analysing updates it says "Update Failed - General Error"

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing or knows what this means?

  Jwbjnwolf 21:05 26 Oct 2010

make sure your connection doesn't reset because in the past a few times when I have tried updating it keeps reseting the connection each time.
Have a look into that
hope it helps

  tireddad 21:15 26 Oct 2010

After receiving the message "Failed to Update Due to General Error" Ever Day since Saturday I had One Last Go before dumping AVG Free 2011. It just came up with Virus Data Base 424/3220 and AVG Version 10.0.1152. I changed the Download to only the smaller Download only. This worked OK. Then Tried to Download 10.0.1152. Which appear Ok only to show "Invalid Binary Update File" Tried again and whoopee sucess. Hope you have the same luck.

  shazza65 22:31 26 Oct 2010

How did you manage to only download the smaller download?? I only know how to do it by clicking on the update button on the front screen?

  tireddad 22:44 26 Oct 2010

Are you running Zone Alarm? If you are you will have to go to Add Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Go right down to the bottom and find ZoneAlarm Tool Bar. Don't remove Zone Alarm just the Tool Bar Add On. Remove it, cause it stops AVG from operating correctly. When you Right Click the AVG Icon on Bottom Right of your Tool Bar then when AVG opens you select Update Now. If it does try to update it will show a small window with two updates. They will have Tick Boxes. Un Tick the one that says 10.0.1152 and try and Down Load the other one which should be above it. If it down loads OK keep trying to Down Load the Big one after that. The AVG Forum is no help. So we appear to be on our own with this one.

  shazza65 23:16 26 Oct 2010

Yes I run Zone Alarm. Will try what you say tomorrow night, am on my laptop now which runs Windows 7 and is also using AVG 11, although not using Zone Alarm, no problems with updates on this machine.

Will report back tomorrow when tried your solution.

Many thanks for your help

  shazza65 21:10 27 Oct 2010


I tried what you said, removed the Zone Alarm toolbar, this caused a re-start to my computer.

I then tried updating like you said but it didn't bring me up the small window you mention.

Still no joy, wont update.

Any clues??

  john bunyan 21:16 27 Oct 2010

I would download (free) PCTools firewall, uninstall Zone alarm, install PCTools and try again. Alternately get rid of AVG and go for MS Security essentials or Avira with PC Tools. So many have posted about clashes with AVG and ZA

  tireddad 21:43 27 Oct 2010

I didn't get a Restart when I uninstalled the Zone Alarm Tool Bar, so I am a bit mystified. I am running XP service Pack 3 and I down loaded another Update to AVG 2011 tonight. That was the Third Program Update in just a few days, so I think this edition of AVG is a bit of a disaster. At the moment the Virus DB is 424/3222 and the AVG Version is 10.01153. Do you still see 424/3220 and 1144 ?
I checked the History Tag then Event History Log. it showed the Program had failed to Down Load the Update when I was Off Line. So I tried the Update again and it worked. Not sure if this has anything to do with your problem, but you could try an uninstall, then hope that the Wee Men at AVG have got their act together, an try Down Loading again.

  tireddad 22:17 27 Oct 2010

Hi Shazza65 don't want you to feel abandoned, but I have just checked the AVG Free Forum. Oh dear a huge amount of very unhappy people. Most of the userers who got the thing working appear to have downloadedthe latest version from File Hippo, and then Installed it from the Repair option. They all said that they did not uninstall Zone Alarm, but just clicked through the options. If you don't have any success try Avast. At least you can have fun with the Skins Options.

  Bapou 22:41 27 Oct 2010

At first my upgrade to AVG 2011 worked fine. As with all versions of AVG used, first job when switching on was to seek updates. This procedure was also ok until Sunday last, updates started and failed each day.

Yesterday, decided to rerun the installer and chose Repair option. No joy there,there was nothing else, 2011 had to go. Used AVG removal tool, re booted and there was 2011 still on board. Another attempt again without success, via Add/Remove, left me with no choice but recover the last Acronis backup containing version 9. Brought v9 up to date after restoring the image and confident to stay with it.

Perhaps 2011 still has a few bugs to clear up so I'll wait a while before downloading again. AVG seems to have history with new versions causing a bit of havoc, so my advice is, go back to v9 for the time being.

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