AVG free - copy from one pc to another?

  Carafaraday 15:42 15 Nov 2005

Can anybody tell me whether it might be possible to copy AVG? I downloaded it onto my son's pc and now want to use it on my own (and ditch Norton). I don't want to have to download it all again unless I have to as I have dial-up which is painfully slow.

  Bagsey 15:53 15 Nov 2005

If you saved it to your hard disc when you downloaded, copy the exe file to a CD or a memory card and transfer ir to the other machine. You will need to go through the registration process again though.

  plsndrs3 16:02 15 Nov 2005

A lot of PC magazine cover disks have AVG or other free anti-virus included. Just have a look at the contents to check!



  Carafaraday 16:16 15 Nov 2005

Thanks to you both for your replies.

Bagsey - I didn't consciously 'save' the file when I downloaded it - I just left it to do its own thing.

plsndrs3 - As a regular subscriber to PCA, I looked for a cd with AVG on it but couldn't find one. Anyone know when the last time it appeared on the cd was?

  €dstowe 16:22 15 Nov 2005

A point for the future. Whenever I download anything I always download it to a folder for installation later. That way you are much safer if anything goes wrong with the download and you always have it for downloading again if necessary.

I download p[rograms into a folder in My Documents which I have called Program Downloads - but of course you can call it whatever you want.

  plsndrs3 16:23 15 Nov 2005

I've got it on PC Utilities [seems to be on every dvd edition].

  ACOLYTE 16:23 15 Nov 2005

Jan 06 mag AVG is on the cd.

  bobbybowls 16:23 15 Nov 2005

its on this months cd.you might also like to try ad aware & spybot, if you dont already use them.

  Carafaraday 16:30 15 Nov 2005

I have January 2006 edition but read it as AVG Free Spy Sweeper 4.0 - ie all one programme not two separate ones. Thanks.
Yes, I use ad aware too.

  Hamish 16:31 15 Nov 2005

I agree with €dstowe and instal to a Download folder on the desktop, then scan the download before installing. I keep the download in the folder and if I need the space on the hard drive I can transfer then to a CD. It may be quicker just to download the software again and as it is about 10mb it should
not take too long if you do it at a quiet time maybe early in the morning

  Carafaraday 16:33 15 Nov 2005

I knew I should do that but am always nervous about whether it will run properly from a different location. Would have liked to put it on my partitioned drive but wasn't cconfident enough to actually do it.
If I download to another folder such as my downloads do I then have to go to that folder and click on the .exe file which hopefully will be there? If not, what do I do? I really need the basics here, as you will have gathered!

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