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  kevc 08:48 05 Mar 2003

last night i was online and avg warned that a trojan horse downloader had been detected. It then asked to scan the computer and 1 virus was detected. It then asked what would i like to do and it recomended putting it in the virus vault a it couldn't be deleted, so i selected this. It then informed me that this also isn't possible because i have the free edition and then it said that it is still present on the hard drive. I also have zone alarm installed and my question is can this harm anything and what should i do next.

  Andsome 08:49 05 Mar 2003

Buy Norton AV it's worth every penny and has NEVER let me down.

  kevc 09:00 05 Mar 2003

because it is present on the computer though do i need to reinstall xp.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 09:11 05 Mar 2003

What trojan ?

  kevc 09:15 05 Mar 2003

it didn't say, it just said trojan horse downloader....that's it

  kevc 09:17 05 Mar 2003

i also used system restore, thinking this will cure it but i don't think it does.the other problem now is because it couldn't help and isolate the virus, when i scan the hard drive, it doesnt pick it up.

  kevc 09:19 05 Mar 2003

so much for free virus checkers, i religously update virtually every time i come on the computer.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 09:20 05 Mar 2003

you could press ctrl/alt/del look in the box for somethin fishy and end task,or type msconfig in the run box goto start up tab and look in there
cant see what AVG bieng free version should matter i have it and it has sent things to vault for me before.As you have ZA look in program controll see if and thin in there that shouldnt be ,need the trojon name really lol


  leo49 09:29 05 Mar 2003

AVG can't touch your system protected files so you've got to turn off System Restore to flush the cache[You'll lose your restore points as a side efect].Then do an online check at Trend.When/if you get the allclear re-enable System Restore.


  kevc 09:30 05 Mar 2003

cheers mate i'll have a go.

  kevc 10:07 05 Mar 2003

thanks leo49, i tried your sugestion and nothing was detected and thanks to everybody else with your sugestions. i think i'm off to buy norton av.....cheers.

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