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  johndrew 14:07 13 Oct 2010

Today, after updating AVG 9, I got a splash window from AVG advising me to upgrade to AVG free 2011 and providing a link for their offline installer (4.09 MB). I downloaded this and used it to upgrade my installation to the 2011 version.

All appeared well until I tried to update the installation when the PC froze. Nothing I could do (short of a hot reboot) had any effect and after restarting the PC was very slow in booting and refused to accept any commands at all.

Eventually I managed (after a BSOD) to get into Safe Mode to uninstall AVG. The process started - very slowly - but failed to another BSOD.

After several attempts I managed to get it uninstalled and reinstalled AVG 9 which has returned everything to normal.

Has anyone else experienced problems with AVG free 2011?

Thanks in advance for any information.

  cocteau48 14:34 13 Oct 2010

Sorry to hear of your problems john but they are well timed from my point of view.

My Bullguard license is about to expire and I was considering going back to AVG which I had used for years up till there were issues with version 9.

Think I'll continue to give it a miss in the light of your comments.

Have already swapped Bullguard for MSE + Zone Alarm on my laptop and both seem to be quite happy working together. If I recall AVG were always blaming ZoneAlarm for problems with AVG 9.
Have not yet decided whether to stick with MSE on the desktop or try Avira or Avast.

  birdface 14:42 13 Oct 2010

I have had the 2011 version since it came out and have had no problems with it.
Maybe you should have removed the old version first.

  birdface 14:46 13 Oct 2010

When I downloaded it.

click here

  ^wave^ 15:44 13 Oct 2010

I hav it no probs xp sp3

  johndrew 16:45 13 Oct 2010

Thanks for coming back people. It's good to know that it works for some; especially XP SP3 as it is also my OS.

The automatic updater closed and removed AVG 9 prior to installing 2011 so that shouldn't have been a problem - unless the updater from AVG is suspect!!

I had to disable automatic updates in AVG 9 because it kept giving problems click here. Either there is something on my PC AVG is unhappy with or there is something in the air. As far as I am aware it works happily with PC Tools firewall, Spyware Blaster, Spyware Terminator, Windows Defender (which it closes) - the only active elements present - and SuperAntiSpyware.

Perhaps, unless any other valid experiences arise I`ll try again later, but with all the MS hotfixes and AVG downloads I've nearly achieved 500MB today which is more than enough!!

  john bunyan 16:56 13 Oct 2010

Before I was as cautious as I am now, I had Bullguard as a paid for security suite, but still got a nasty virus that was only cleared by a format and reinstall. I then relied on AVG for a year or so but when they stopped v8.5 and following comments here, I switched to Avira as anti virus, PCTools as firewall, and SAS, MBAM and Spywareblaste as anti malware. Together with a lot more scanning than before and ATI as a clone and image maker, I feel more secure and would not go back to AVG in view of comments here. I am sure MS Security Essentials is fine, but I am happy as I am.

  Brenchley_r 22:55 18 Oct 2010

Getting the same problem here with two computers - but a third one with identical operating system and software updated to 2011 and works fine.

Very strange.

  ashdav 23:15 18 Oct 2010

I've installed AVG Free 2011 on 2 computers with Win7 Ultimate and 1 Win7 Starter (all my own) and 3 other peoples with XP. On each occasion it was using the program downloaded from click here and installing over the previous edition rather than letting it upgrade.
There have been no problems with any installation since about 10 days ago when I did them.

  Chris the Ancient 09:31 19 Oct 2010

Just loaded it XP SP3 with no problems.

  BFC4ever 20:50 20 Oct 2010

I have two PCs running Windows 7. On one the upgrade to AVG 2011 caused no problems, but I had exactly the same problem as johndrew on the other. I actually had to restore my OS with Acronis to get everything back to normal! Has anyone found out what the problem is yet?
Many thanks

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