AVG False positive with Photoshop CS4? Help

  john bunyan 17:02 29 Jan 2009

I noticed today tha on 27th AVG8 on my XP Pro, (with, amon others, Adobe CS4) had found two "Trojan Horse Crypt.CFR" Trojans, one in a back up. All too quickly I deleted these from the virus vault. I then Googled to find that it appears these are false positives, and AVG has corrected their database. I tried a system restore to 26th, but it was unsuccessful. I have an ATI 11 clone of my C: drive on a secondary drive but not sure how to clone it back! CS4 seems to work. Do I need the File ? It is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\faf656ef605427ee2f4289c3ad31b8
I spoke to Adobe but they were not sure with advice. I suppose I could uninstall / reinstall CS4, but does this file interfere with the process? Shoul I jus forget it?

  john bunyan 17:15 29 Jan 2009

Further to the above, the folder appears to stoll be in the rigrt place, and appears to be identical to the one in my cloned drive, so maybe all is well. Is there a way to get rid of old backups if they dont work anyway?

  john bunyan 18:00 29 Jan 2009

Yet another thing. In Control panel/Add/ Remonve programmes, Photoshop CS4 and Bridge do not appear. They show in Windows Install clean up Facility. Should I Uninstall and reinstall of clone?

  eedcam 18:49 29 Jan 2009

You may well find the answer in the FAQ's in photoshops own user forum or ask
click here@

  john bunyan 15:21 30 Jan 2009

In the end I had to uninstall using a complicated Adobe Clean up programme and Windows Install Clean up, then re install CS4 - took ages. Not sure how I would have avoided this and am annoyed with AVG (Google Trojan Horse Crypt.CFR to see what I mean)

  hssutton 16:31 30 Jan 2009

Just caught up with this post. I've had so much trouble with AVG 8, lots of inexplicable happening with CS4 and lightroom using Vista Ultimate, so I un-installed it this morning and installed Avira. Not too sure how good it is, but the PC is now running Ok.

The strange thing is AVG 8 is running perfectly on Windows 7, as is CS4 and lightroom.

  john bunyan 17:34 30 Jan 2009

hssutton. Briefly on 26 Nov AVG8 found what turned out to be a false positive Trojan. I think their latest update has corrected this. However I deleted the "Trojan" and it's back up from the AVG8 virus vault. In fact it was a folder in CS4 - (In XP) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\faf656ef605427ee2f4289c3ad31b8. I found that CS4 and Bridge both worked, and the file was still there, but CS4 dissapeared from the Add/Remove programmes in Control Panel. I spoke at length to Adobe, and downloaded their Adobe CS4 Clean Script (I already had Windows Install Clean Up). I had to Deactivate, (Could not uninstall with Add/Remove as the prog wasnt there) then it took ages to uninstall with the tool. I finally re installed an all was well. Hope you see CS4 in your Add/Remove!!

  hssutton 18:46 30 Jan 2009

Yes both Lightroom and CS4 are in Add/Remove

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