AVG email scan and pipex

  Madrat 02:46 29 Oct 2005


I have just instaled AVG free vershion but now when I try to conect to get emails I cant it just refuses and I get an error messagesaying pipex has not responded. then the only way I can shut the email scan down is with the task master. I can get on the internet ok but not on to email. I have tryed with norton turned off and on but just the same. Please help as I dont want to bye the new nortan 2006 its just to expensive.

  yonex24562 10:35 29 Oct 2005

When you talk about Norton are you talking about antivirus? If so it may be a conflict between Norton and AVG as it is not usually a good idea to have two antivirus programs installed, one will need to be uninstalled rather than turned off. Hope this helps.

  garrema 10:48 29 Oct 2005

I run Pipex and AVG without issue
I think you should uninstall Norton first and then report back once do to see if the prob persists

  Madrat 20:54 29 Oct 2005

Ok but I didnt want to get rid of nortan till my subscription ran out in Dec. Is ther any other reason why avg isnt working on email?

  palinka 21:11 29 Oct 2005

I use pipex and AVG without problems. But AVG is the only antivirus on my PC - opinion in this forum has always been that you shouldn't run 2 AVs at the same time. Can't think of a reason for your problem, though others probably ill come up with something. If you want to go on using Norton until Dec then why not uninstall AVG for the time being and install again when you're ready to use it.
Years ago I used Norton - a new pc arrived with it installed - but found it unnecessarily complex. I've had no problems with AVG.

  Madrat 21:18 29 Oct 2005

ok I will think about it when subscription runs out but if it doisnt work I will probably end up paying £50 for norton 2006. Dam it...

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 21:20 29 Oct 2005

you are trying to get 2 AVs to scan 1 Email It aint gonna happen in effect what happens is the Av will recieve the email and scan before it goes to your inbox with 2 on their your email isnt sure where to go hence you are recieving an error
you will need to get rid of one or the other

  Madrat 21:22 29 Oct 2005


  Madrat 21:40 29 Oct 2005


I have got rid of Nortonand re instaled AVG and Zonelabs, everything is working fine now.

Thanks everyone.

  Madrat 22:13 29 Oct 2005

Just one more question.

Do you get MSN protection with Zonealarm and AVG like you do in Nortan internet security?

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