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I have Win XP Home and IE7.Have recently started using AVG to scan incoming/outgoing e-mails but something seems to be wrong.When the scan starts it shows AVG scanning to ISP`s I have never heard of e.g.noggin,demon,tazza,hogshead to name a few.No sign of my ISP which is Supanet.It shows `connecting` (near the clock) and always `times out` with no sign of receiving my e-mails.
The only way I can receive e-mails is by disabling the e-mail element of AVG.Surely this can`t be right so what do I do to correct matters?
All advice welcome.

  gudgulf 15:23 28 Nov 2006

Easiest way......uninstall AVG.

Reinstall AVG using the "custom" install path.

When prompted allow AVG to use the "personal" mail plugin.It should automatically recommend you do that.

When your have finished installing ,AVG should now pick up your mail client.

In Windows it only recognises Outlook by default.

Outlook Express and Thunderbird amongst others need the plugin installed.

  freaky 16:11 28 Nov 2006

Strange, I have been using AVG 7.1 and now 7.5 for over a year in conjunction with Outlook Express,IE6 and now IE7 with XP Home.

I have never experienced the problems mentioned by
Mack1, and do not recall having to use the measures mentioned by gudgulf regarding "personal" mail plugin when installing AVG. It scans all email without any problems.

  freaky 16:32 28 Nov 2006

Just checked my E-Mail Scanner Settings in AVG. To do this open up Control Centre.

Then go to Test Centre and right-click Email-Scanner > select Properties.

A box will open up and show
a)Ignore plugin status
b)Use the shared test configuration
c)Use the personal test configuration.

Mine has(b)checked, the other two are unchecked.

  gudgulf 16:37 28 Nov 2006

I however dad exactly the same problem as Mack1 when I first installed AVG 7.5.

The POP3 scanner would show lots of onscreen activity and them time out........no mail was delivered.

Close the e-mail scanner and all mail appeared instantly.Should add that I use Thunderbird.

I had exactlly the same problem with version 7.1,which is why I switched to AVAST.

With the new version I thought I would give AVG another go.It's now working well and the personal mail plugin is installed.

click here

You need the personal mail scanner plugin for Outlook Express.........the question is why it didn't automatically install on the normal installation and needed me to run the custom installer?

  gudgulf 16:45 28 Nov 2006

What does your e-mail scanner say under "Installed Plugins" on the same screen as the options you mention?

Mine is ticked as yours ((b)) and has Personal e-mail scanner listed in the Installed Plugins box.

  freaky 18:20 28 Nov 2006

Hi, there are only 3 boxes displayed, no Installed Plugins Box is showing.

  Daiol 18:29 28 Nov 2006

Hi,guys reading your prob with email / avg etc.Over the last few weeks i have noticed that my emails are very slow arriving at my pc,I sent my self an email at 1100hrs and i got it at 1140hrs i thought that was a long time for an email to go through the system i even asked my isp wanadoo/orange they said there was nothing wrong their end,can anyone shed any light on the matter regarding outlook express and avg 7.5. thanks sorry to but into your question.

  gudgulf 20:04 28 Nov 2006

When I had the problem I didn't show any installed plugins ...........reinstalling with custom options and putting the plugin in place cured the email scanner issue completely.

That's why I recommended a reinstall with custom option and say yes to the personal mail plugin.

Doesn't really matter why for some it seems ok and for others (like me and Mack1) it seems to go wrong on the normal install.....my fix works.

I might log on to the AVG forums later and see if there is a known issue that causes this to happen.

  gudgulf 20:15 28 Nov 2006

For anyone wondering about the Personal mail plug-in click here

And click here for all the FAQs

E-mail is under section 6.

  freaky 20:29 28 Nov 2006

It will be interesting to find out why some have this problem, please post the result of your forum search.

I have installed AVG 7.1 and 7.5 on the three PC's we have here, and have had no problem.

The fact that AVG on installation has checked box (b) "use the shared test configuration" suggests that on installation it runs some kind of test during the installation process.

A possibility is that the PC's Firewall is stopping the flow of test results, consequently AVG is not configured correctly.

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