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  merc. 22:22 21 May 2004

Pal has got new laptop with no anti virus installed, was wondering how long it takes to download the free avg one with a dial up connecting.

Or can I download it on my computer with broadband and burn it to disc then load it onto his computer from the disc.


  Belatucadrus 22:28 21 May 2004

1) Not that long.
2) Yes.

  Lionheart ? 22:28 21 May 2004

Not sure about downloading with dialup, you can download and burn to cd no problem.

  cream. 22:29 21 May 2004

The file is only about 7Mb. So it should download O.K. on dial-up. 40 mins?click here

You can download on B.B. ( 1 min on 2mb connection) and copy to a cdr or memory card, then load it. You will just need the code from a genuine e-mail address.

  Djohn 22:35 21 May 2004

Yep, as above download to your PC save to desktop open the email and note the serial number then burn the download to disk without opening it. copy to friends PC either to desktop or to a folder of choice.

Find the download click to open and click again to install, type in the serial number when requested. I do this for my son's laptop and the same with updates every 2 weeks or so when he has time to visit.

  merc. 22:37 21 May 2004

thanks for quick replys think I will download on my broadband.

The Village Idiot
what the part about having to have e-mail address, afer I download it will |I be given a code to activate it when I install it on pals machine if so does it come through on my e-mail account.


  merc. 22:40 21 May 2004

Hyo have just answered the question as i was typing new post thanks again.


  cream. 16:10 22 May 2004

As Djohn says the activation code is sent by e-mail so you will need a genuine e-mail address.

I copy mine, with the latest updates to a memory card, with the code number. This is handy to install on other machines as I have just got to take the card reader. You can of course burn to a cdr and put the code next to it in a notepad or word pad format, So it is all together.

Why not put zone alarm, spy ware blaster, add- aware and spybot into folders and then burn them all on one disk. You will then have a reasonably comprehensive selection of free software.

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