AVG certifying and checking incoming mail (again!)

  Dipso 22:56 08 May 2004

Forgive me. I have searched for this and although it has been asked a few times, I cannot find a definitive answer.

I run AVG free edition (program version 6.0.679 release date 2.9.2003, virus database 7.5.2004) Windows XP and OE6.

I recently had a spate of Netsky virii(?) The senders were not familiar to me so I deleted the emails and when I clicked on the deleted items folder, AVG popped up to say Netsky had been found in the email.

My question is, why didn't AVG detect them as they arrived? I am careful about what I open but I thought that was what the Email Scanner was for.

Also, incoming messages are not certified as virus free.

I have gone into AVG control centre and all 4 boxes are ticked and the OE5 plug in is also checked. In advanced settings, it is set to check and certify incoming mail and attachments only is unchecked.

What am I doing wrong?

  Djohn 23:06 08 May 2004

Under the certifications tab from the advanced settings. Is there a message there saying "Incoming mail is certified virus free" and in the window underneath "Outgoing mail is certified virus free" ?

  Pamy 23:11 08 May 2004

are you using POP3 mail or WEB mail?

AVG does not scan WEB mail


  Dipso 23:12 08 May 2004

Yes, both messages are there.

  Djohn 23:18 08 May 2004

As Pamy as suggested. Are you using express as your mail client and is AVG showing at all times in the notification area on the taskbar?

  Djohn 23:25 08 May 2004

From the help file of AVG.

Virus Detection

· Incoming Mail- if the AVG E-mail Scanner detects incoming mail with attachments infected by a virus, it removes the infected files automatically and puts them into the AVG Virus Vault .

· In the body of the offending e-mail, a message is inserted to inform you about the virus threat.

· Outgoing Mail- if the AVG E-mail Scanner detects outgoing mail attachments infected by a virus, it stops the message from being sent. The entire message will be returned to the sender marked undeliverable.

· Text will be inserted into the offending e-mail informing the sender it was refused because it contained a virus.

Message Certification

The AVG E-mail Scanner is able to insert special text at the end of your e-mail messages informing your mail recipients that your mail and its attachments are certified virus free by AVG. This process is called "certification".

How to Determine if the AVG E-mail Scanner is Active and Functional.

First, run the program, AVG for Windows. In the System Status panel on AVG's main window , find the 'AVG E-mail Scanner' button. If this program is not active or is misconfigured, the button will read 'Not Fully Functional!'.

In this case, press the button and see more detailed description of this problem. There is also a button called Activate. Press it to launch automatic actions which will repair this problem.

Note: If you use a different e-mail program other than Microsoft Outlook, the error message on the button will read 'Non-Functional', because you are using an e-mail client not currently supported by AVG.

Support for additional e-mail programs are being added all the time, so be sure you have the latest AVG updates.

  Dipso 23:27 08 May 2004

Yes, OE6 is mail client, not using webmail and AVG is showing in taskbar.

Can I just add that this is my second PC. I had AVG on my old one and it was the same on that too, which makes me think it's something I have/haven't done. That's why I haven't queried it before. I thought AVG didn't do the incoming function on the free edition.

  Djohn 23:35 08 May 2004

Yes the function of certifying e-mail both incoming/outgoing is available in the free edition. This is a strange problem and not one I've heard of before except for the couple of occasions where people had AVG installed but not active.

Check through my post above and see if this helps. Meanwhile I'll try to find further info. Someone will have the answer for you though. Interesting point you have made in that it has not worked for you on 2 separate PC's. j.

  Djohn 23:39 08 May 2004

Just noticed in your first post. (program version 6.0.679 release date 2.9.2003, virus database 7.5.2004)

You give the virus database date but not the version number. Do you have a number displayed just before the date and is it. 441?

  Dipso 23:41 08 May 2004

Yes, sorry I have virus database 441.

I have tried the suggestions in the help file extract as they were in one of the search results relating to this problem.

The Email Scanner shows as Active and Functional and within that, program status shows as Functional.

  Djohn 23:43 08 May 2004

OK. Is AVG the only anti-virus checker you have on your system?

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