AVG bin file missing

  Halmer 14:33 28 Aug 2008

is anyone else getting this message when updating?

  The Kestrel 15:00 28 Aug 2008

This also happened with a recent AVG update. I have just checked anmd have the same warning. If there is a fault wait amd AVG will correct the problem. Give it a couple of hours and then try updating again.

  Halmer 16:12 28 Aug 2008

patience is a virtue.

I remember last time people were uninstalling etc within 10 minutes. why?

  Marko797 16:23 28 Aug 2008

I remember last time people were uninstalling etc within 10 minutes. why?

Up until recently I had avg 8 free. All of a sudden it stopped being able to update, and allowed a virus onto my machine. That's why I ditched it and went with Avast.

  n4165si 16:26 28 Aug 2008

I also am getting this,AVG will not update at present

  john bunyan 16:26 28 Aug 2008

Free Avg 8 not updating- alleged server problem. I am always a bit worried when it shows a red warning on the toolbar icon. Hope they fix it soon.

  Sea Urchin 16:31 28 Aug 2008

I have mine set to auto update and it works fine - however when I try a manual update I get the same error

  ^wave^ 16:50 28 Aug 2008

mine is slow but it is updating

  Halmer 17:01 28 Aug 2008
  palinka 20:04 28 Aug 2008

noticed on my own machine and on a neighbour's that updating has been slow in last 2 days; but as others say, it DOES update eventually. However my neighbour twice lost his (dial-up) connection before the update happened..

  cocteau48 20:25 28 Aug 2008

Download the latest updates manually:
click here

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