AVG being overprotective? IronKey Encryption?

  Simsy 12:43 01 Dec 2006


I've a couple of minor issue arisen, that I think may be related and I'd welcome comments. Maybe I've got a setting wrong in AVG, but I don't think so...

I discoved a couple of weeks back that AVG is automatically sending exe files that come as attchments to the virus vault, and says they are infected... even exes that are OK, and AVG doesn't find fault with when it scans them seperately...

Now I can see why an antivirus prog might automatically decide all exe files as attachments are suspect and deal witht hem this way so I wasn't unduly concerned...

However I've just come across another problem...

In another thread recently, (which unfortunately I cannot now find!), VOG pointed out a tool called IronKey, (click here). I've just tried to use this and it seems to install OK, and encrypt OK, (which it does by encryting and turnign into an exe file), but on trying to opem/unencrypt AVG kicks in and wont let me do anything with it becasue it declares it as an unsafe .exe!!!

(Good job I didn't get rid of the unencryted file, as I was just testing!)

So that's the explanation... the questions are;

1) Is it normal for AVG to send ALL .exe attachments to the virus vault regardless, without actually scanning them first?

2)Anyone using IronKey adn AVG sucessfully?

It's AVG7.5 free version I'm using.

Thanks in anticipation,



  freaky 16:17 01 Dec 2006

Any email that you receive that has an .exe attachment is suspect, therefore AVG is doing it's job.

If you open the Virus Vault and know the source email is OK, then you can open it. It would appear from your post that you must receive a number of these....why is that?

  Simsy 16:30 01 Dec 2006


Yes I appreciate the AVG approach to exe attachments... It's just that it says "IS" infected, rather than "MAY BE" infected. When the file is saved from the virus vault and scanned AVG finds no virus..... so it is, in a way contradicting itself. First it says the file is infected, then it says it isn't!

That part of things isn't really a problem for me.

You said, "It would appear from your post that you must receive a number of these". No I don't... you've made an assumption. I discovered it when sending a small exe that I'd written myself using visual basic... then tested AVG behaviour by sending some other small .exe files.

With regard to the IronKey issue... I discovered some other strange things happening with IronKey so I've given up on it!



  Simsy 16:35 01 Dec 2006

with regard to AVG behaviour, I think it would be better if it either actually scanned the attachment on downloading the email, or withheld doing that until I tried to access the attachment.

It seems to me that If I deleted an email without reading it, and it did have a nasty attachment, by putting it in the virus vault it effectively is stopping me from deleting it at the same time as deleting the email. While it's in the virus vault it still exists as a recoverable file, (I presume?)



  Simsy 16:41 01 Dec 2006

I've just reread what I've written, and it might seem as if I was being rather dismissive of your post!

My apologies... That wasn't meant to be the case!

Thanks for being interested!



  freaky 18:44 01 Dec 2006

Suggest you stop sending .exe attachments to yourself, then you will not have this problem.

I have been using AVG for almost a year now, and during this period it has detected and moved a number of 'threats' to the vault and also described them. From memory, in a number of cases the email remained in my inbox minus the 'threat'.

  vinnyT 12:03 02 Dec 2006

Have you asked/looked at the avg forum, they may be able to help. click here

Hope this helps.

  Simsy 19:38 04 Dec 2006

I've now registered, so we'll see what turns up.



  vinnyT 13:10 05 Dec 2006


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