AVG antivirus settings

  **7^> 14:08 02 Jun 2004

Hello all,

On detecting a virus, AVG used to flash a large message on the screen asking you how to proceed.

Now my AVG alerts you to the fact that there is already a virus on your PC and that you need to do a scan to remove it. Kind of shutting the stable door etc!

I've checked the settings for AVG but can't see why AVG appears to operate differently nowadays.

Can anyone please advise if or where I'm going wrong?

  hugh-265156 14:18 02 Jun 2004

this is how avg has always worked i believe.

after detecting a virus it asks you to scan.

disable system restore.run a scan.

when finished scanning it then should ask you what you want to do.i always just delete.

  johnnyrocker 14:33 02 Jun 2004

persactly guv.


  **7^> 14:34 02 Jun 2004


Thank you for replying. After speaking to a colleague, he says that AVG alerts him before the virus gets a chance to download!


  ianeon 14:35 02 Jun 2004

My AVG tells me AFTER my machine has been infected

  hugh-265156 14:41 02 Jun 2004

silly me try this:

open avg control center/resident shield and tick

'ask what to do next'

  **7^> 14:44 02 Jun 2004

ianeon - I knew I wasn't going mad.

huggyg71 - been there, done that ;-(


  hugh-265156 14:46 02 Jun 2004


avg cannot stop you from downloading an infected file but it should warn you when you open the folder the file is in or when you attempt to open it.

if avg up to date on definitions it will stop the virus from executing and move it to the vault then then ask you to scan to remove it.

  **7^> 15:21 02 Jun 2004


If it's been removed to the vault, wouldn't that render a scan unnecessary, as I could then click on the vault and delete it from there? Less bother than running a scan if I didn't keep a note of the infected folder!

Thank you for explaining how AVG works.

  hugh-265156 15:31 02 Jun 2004


i havnt a clue how avg works really.just guessing :-)

avg help is good though because it does know what its talking about :-)

from help:

"When AVG detects a virus that cannot be removed by healing, it uses a special way of deleting the infected file - AVG moves it to the AVG Virus Vault."

"What is the AVG Virus Vault?
The AVG Virus Vault is a special directory that stores infected files. The name of the files are changed and their content is encrypted so they cannot be used and virus infection cannot spread. It is almost the same as ordinary deleting techniques; however, the AVG Virus Vault gives you the ability to restore the files, if necessary."

im guessing that a scan is still required just to check there is nothing else on the drive as a precaution.

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