AVG Antivirus Pro 7.5 - problem

  Ian-315155 17:33 13 Apr 2008

I installed AVG Antivirus Pro 7.5 from the Feb 2008 DVD. It updates itself evey day, but whilst it reports it is now up to date, the last update is listed as March 21st, and the error message in the task bar says it is out of date. It downloads a 22Mb file every day, but does not seem to do anything with it! If I click on the manual update button, it says it is up to date, but it is not. I have reinstalled it and it updates itself, reporting that the last update was that date, but the next time the computer is started it is back to March 21st as the last update.

I am running Vista, with SP1.

Anyone else had problems?


  mfletch 19:27 13 Apr 2008

Try deleting AVG temp files,

Control Center->Update Manager->Settings->Advanced tab-> use "Delete update temporary files" button.
Reboot your PC.


  ambra4 19:36 13 Apr 2008

Mr Bill Vista SP1 is causing the problem

Uninstall and reinstall AVG Antivirus Pro 7.5, as I am sure it was working fine before you install Vista SP1

Use this program to uninstall

click here

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