Is AVG antivirus OK

  prince midas 12:01 11 Oct 2005

I am having problems with my computor slowing down after being on dialup on the internet after say 15 minutes. I need to reboot. People tell me it is because my Norton antivirus is using too much in the way of resources. How can i test how much resources it uses.
It as been suggested to myself that I should use AVG antivirus. Again if I got this how do I test how much resources it uses.

Finally will I have problems removing Norton. I can edit the registry. Thanks in Advance.

  Chegs ® 12:08 11 Oct 2005

I'm happy enough with AVG,my opinion of anything Norton is unprintable.I used to have a little utility that when run gave you the resource usage,etc in a Notepad file,meantime you can use Ctrl+Alt+Del and click the performance tab.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:12 11 Oct 2005

There are a number of things that could be slowing the computer down,

Norton is one and that is why I would not rcommend it to anyone not running a Fast CPU PV with lots of memory.

Avast4 click here
and AVG antivirus click here are both good antivirus programs and far less intrusive than Norton.

However you may have otherthins causing your problems, How much memory is installed, have you checked for spyware, how much space is left on the hard drive for your temporay internet files?

  Chegs ® 12:14 11 Oct 2005

click here

Slow to load,but the file I meantioned in my last post is here.

  interzone55 12:15 11 Oct 2005

Norton AV can be a serious resource hog. To uninstall it check on Symantec's website for a removal tool.

Personally I use Avast! which is also free, but it's all down to personal preference.

  Stuartli 12:30 11 Oct 2005

Although AVG is excellent, Avast! has the decided advantage of automatically updating whenever you go on line and provides both a written and vocal indication that it has done so.

  Belatucadrus 12:30 11 Oct 2005

To look at a programs resource use, go to the manufacturers website and look up the System Requirements. It varies depending on the program in question and the Operating system in use, click here The requirement for 64Mb RAM on W98 ME PCs is likely to give older machines an attack of the screaming heebie geebies. The Internet security packages are even worse. In contrast avast! free click here only requires 32Mb for a similar set-up and I think AVG is much the same. Both AVG and avast! are ICSA certified with good ratings at VirusBulletin.

  prince midas 13:40 11 Oct 2005

I have managed to uninstall Norton Antivirus only and have deleted all mention of Norton Antivirus in the registry. I then installed a trial version of AVG and it is working correctly.
a coule of questions.I notice that AVG says including Firwall but I have Zone Alarm as a Firewall is this a problem.Also I notice that in the check list on Zone Alarm it does not show AVG as my anti virus program but it also says that it does not always recognise certain virus programs but it did on Norton.Finally do I have to remove Norton System works now or can I leave it on my computor minus the Norton virus program which it did remove.

  SANTOS7 14:38 11 Oct 2005

click here
you want the free version of AVG which will happily run alongside Zone Alarm...

  bda72 17:42 11 Oct 2005

I used to use AVG and switched to AVAST for myself and my fathers comp, automatic updates on AVAST are a big advantage as he never updated his virus paterns and now its done for him.

  Diemmess 17:49 11 Oct 2005

Have used it ever since the original Dr Solomon was bought out by McAfee.

AVG does update automatically but at a time of day which you choose.

Removing Norton is a must before introducing anything else. After uninstalling it is worth combing the registry (if you know what to do) as well as deleting anything still hanging about.

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