phil46 02:05 18 Jan 2006

Is anyone out there using this latest AVG software?as i'm having nothing but problems IE the firewall is not loading after i've done AVG updates
with the avent log running off errors AVG did give me a new actavation key to no avail.

  jaritch 08:39 18 Jan 2006


Yes my problem all be it minor is that when the pc first boots up the firewall comes up as being switched off for about 5 seconds before kicking in. Minor as I say but annoying as the balloon message stays on and I have to click it off. As far as I can see the firewall is operational okay. Unlike you it doesn't switch off after updates. AVG sent me a diagnostic file and I am awaiting their response to what I sent.

  iscanut 09:50 18 Jan 2006

Sorry to say but I have been using AVG Anti Virus + Firewall for some months now and have never had any problems at all. Are you sure you dont have another AV &/or firewall running or even Win XP's own firewall loaded. If so, you need to unload or disable all others.

  phil46 10:57 18 Jan 2006

Many thanks for your respone,i thought this was new software NUTS!!!!

I have tried this software on four computers via the free AVG download site all with the same result i even wiped one computer again to know avail.

  jaritch 14:15 18 Jan 2006


I have recieved another respose from AVG support with another utility to run and post back the results. I am assuming they are doing similar investigations in regard to your more serious problem.

I will let you know if I get any joy.

  johndrew 16:23 18 Jan 2006

..are you using?

I had one similar instance with Kerio. I rebooted and since then I have had no problems....to the best of my knowledge!!

  phil46 16:50 18 Jan 2006

I have at last got this software up an running
after 6 emails and three phone calls and yes another £19.45 for a cross upgrade to activate the firewall,i feel it was a bit of a rip off.

john drew i had uninstalled Zone alarm.

Many thanks to all.

  iscanut 19:47 18 Jan 2006

Have been using the paid for version of AVG+Firewall since last November ! Has been 100% efficient !

  johndrew 20:18 18 Jan 2006

It is a shame you have already spent the money as I would have suggested you go over to Kerio. Still I hope it all goes well from here in.

  JAMSARNNIE 22:41 19 Jan 2006

I'm using "clamwin anti virus" and have done for several months with no trouble at all it even updates itself when needed and yes it's FREE

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