AVG antivirus - effective or not?

  eVil Niloc 10:21 11 May 2003

Hello all

I converted to AVG, as Norton was to controling, but AVG does not stop a virus from getting through. It just tells me that a virus is resident. Sort of defeats the object doesn't it?

I know a lot of you also use AVG. Do you have the same problem?

Regards Colin

  rawprawn 10:53 11 May 2003

I got rid of Norton because it was causing me problems, & I now run AVG. As far as I know it protects against viruses & will isolate them if for example it finds one in an email so that they can be dealt with. I have had no problems, but there are many points of view on this subject, Just do a search & read up what has been said.

  ^wave^ 10:57 11 May 2003

I have had no probs at all with avg

  jbaker65 11:08 11 May 2003

AVG has worked fine for me. If a message comes up saying a virus has been detected, there is an option to delete it. (or send it to a safe strongroom) for later deletion. good luck, John Baker.

  Dave Bowman 11:14 11 May 2003

I also replaced Norton with AVG sometime ago but when I did an OS re-install a while back it refused to install and work properly with XP Pro, (not uncommon apparently.) What puzzled me more was the fact that it worked perfectly on a friends machine which also uses XP Pro. I replaced it with eTrust EZ Anti-Virus and use Gladiator as a backup scanner every so often, (with EZ disabled of course.)

  Goldcroft 11:21 11 May 2003

There was a thread a few days ago referring to a test of anti virus programmes and AVG came quite low, I remember. Perhaps the originator of that thread will spot this one and repeat the details.

  Dave Bowman 11:27 11 May 2003

This makes interesting reading.

click here

  eVil Niloc 12:06 11 May 2003

I am running AVG with XP Pro. It certainly seems to be running ok. It just seems strange it notifies after the event. This morning on starting pc it reported a Trojan in My Docs. In the past it has also reported when virus resident.

Having used a few virus progs in the past it is surprising that there does not appear to be an easy option to replace damaged file with a good one.


  Belatucadrus 12:26 11 May 2003

There are several free anti virus programs available :- Avast4, AVG and Antivir. While they are all quite good the one with the best pass rate on the virus bulletin tests is Avast4, available from click here .

  Patr100 12:27 11 May 2003

It is free for the Personal Edition but it does a basic job of protection, without frills. The survey mentioned above is rather out of date so it's difficult to tell if it still applies.

  Patr100 12:29 11 May 2003

I was referring to Dave Bowman's posting not yours Belatucadrus.

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