AVG Antivirus

  Philip2 16:05 19 Jun 2003

There has been a number of threads on AVG Antivirus but is it any good the lack of updates is one point i have AVG Pro it is no better than the free version but for few extra features.
I feel safer with Panda Antivirus at least this is updating every day as would be Norton Antivirus.

  palinka 16:31 19 Jun 2003

You can update AVG as often as you like - I suppose tho that you mean that sometimes when you click "update" there is nothing to update; I can't see why you think this makes it less good than another antivirus - it all depends what other companies are including in their antivirus updates. My AVG is set to update daily and somedays there isn't anything, but it works and I'm happy with it.
I've used AVG for over a year. I use the free version. I haven't had any virus problems in that time tho friends with other antiviruses have had, so I feel it is working. I switched from Mcafee which I found incomprehensible & wouldn't do what I wanted when I wanted. Norton was just as bad AND you have to pay for those.

  leo49 16:34 19 Jun 2003

Ever heard of placebos?

  Jester2K II 16:43 19 Jun 2003

As long as you practice Safe Hex with AVG Free then you'll have no problems. Know many people with AVG - no problems. Know fewer with Norton - many problems...

  ardvarc 18:29 19 Jun 2003

It is heuristically A. V.ery G.ood programme that hasn't let me down since it was first on the June 99 issue 45 PCA coverdisk. At least that is when I found it.

  Dr. Charles 18:51 19 Jun 2003

ardvarc, I love the technicaljoke I hope those that read it will tick the box,------ on AVG I mean

-- - - -- lol


  anniesboy68 18:58 19 Jun 2003

What's wrong with Norton... I've had no problems!

  Joseph-239474 19:31 19 Jun 2003

I wish I knew about AVG before I wasted over half of my £100 budget on Norton Systemworks 2003 and Firewall 2003!

  Joseph-239474 19:31 19 Jun 2003

I wish I knew about AVG before I wasted over half of my £100 budget on Norton Systemworks 2003 and Firewall 2003!

  Philip2 19:40 19 Jun 2003

Many thanks all for your input.

  blanco 19:42 19 Jun 2003

with ardvarc. I've been using it for over 2 years and find it an excellent program. I have it set to do a full check early each morning (my computer is on 24/7 crunching for UD) and have been virus free.
As for Norton, I did have Utilities installed because I liked their defrag, but it has caused so many problems ending up with crashing on rebooting analysed by Microsoft as being caused by part of Norton, that I found the only way to get back to a peaceful life was to dump it.
As an individual user, I can't see any reason to pay for protection whilst such good programs as AVG and Zone Alarm are around.

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