AVG Anti-Virus Takes 2 minutes to run full scan.

  birdface 18:11 15 Nov 2010

Hi something just not right.
I have the pay for version of AVG Anti-Virus and it only takes about 2 minutes to do a full scan.
I am using W/7 and IE9 beta and do not have a lot on my computer.
But even so I would have thought that it would have taken a lot longer.
I seem to have everything ticked that I am supposed to have.
Anyone any ideas as what I am doing wrong.

  johndrew 20:08 15 Nov 2010

Sounds a bit quick. But it does depend on what you have on the drives - you say ".. do not have a lot ..".

Have you checked in 'Tools/Settings' to see if you have something going on there? Have you removed items to be scanned?

Failing that you could try 'Tools/Scan Selected Folder' ensure everything is checked and run a scan from there to see how long it takes.

  birdface 23:41 15 Nov 2010

[Scan Selected Folder's]
Tried everything and the longest scan was 2 miutes 30 seconds.
Now I even had it check for tracking cookies and I know that I have some but it never picks them up.
So not sure what to do next.
I did download it without the link scanner and toolbar but that should not have made any difference.
I never thought that I would ever complain that a scan was to quick.
On XP it used to take ages.

  lotvic 01:10 16 Nov 2010

Is there any option for it to create a log of the files scanned so you can see what it is looking at.
I mean list of all the files not just the ones where it 'finds' anything.

  birdface 08:24 16 Nov 2010

It very seldom finds anything.It keeps a log of the scans but does not show you what it was.
It just says 733449 objects were scanned when it ran last.
Just thinking it will not warn me anyhow as I have the warning pop ups blocked as they were a bit of a nuisance.

  birdface 08:26 16 Nov 2010

I think best bet would be to remove it and download it again just to see if it makes any difference.
May try that a bit later.

  eedcam 09:43 16 Nov 2010

Mines scanned only 9887 in 3 and a half minutes using high prioity mode of course you cant compare like with like regarding file size/content .You didnt by any chance try to repeat the scan before shutting avg down as I think its accumulative and zips through the files already scanned if you just start again

  birdface 10:11 16 Nov 2010

No that last one was for selected folders.
You can tick everything except Computer and network on that.
Like I said I have not a lot on this computer and so I could expect a quick scan but just not expecting it to be as quick as it is.
Just ran a whole computer scan total objects scanned 719558.Time 58 seconds.

  clock 10:17 16 Nov 2010

Morning Buteman,
Have AVG paid for, just done a scan, 193740 items, took 7 minutes and 8 seconds, fast scan mode! Can't explain why yours takes such a short time, but think I can help about tracking cookies!

Have default settings, and until recently thought I had Scan Tracking Cookies, but it never did! Sent message to AVG and they gave me a step by step way to sort this. Select Tools, Advanced Settings, toggle down to Scans, Scan whole computer, and make sure "Scan for Tracking Cookies" is ticked and apply. Apparently they don't see them as a threat so default setting doesn't pick them up. Hope this is of some help?

  birdface 10:41 16 Nov 2010

Thanks I was not worried about tracking cookies as I have other programs that usually remove them or warn you of them.
I thought that i would try switching it on just to make sure that AVG was actually working.
I was That used to it taking about an hour to scan on XP and it is so quick on W/7.
Checked the tracking cookies and ran other full scan never found anything and scan took 31 seconds.
Me thinks I will remove it and download it again later just to be on the safe side.
The resident shield used to cause me a lot of problems when I was using XP and you would not even know it was running on W/7 with no hold ups whatsoever and hardly noticable in TaskManager.

  birdface 15:01 16 Nov 2010

That was a bit of a mistake.
I removed AVG and tried to install it again but it did not want to know.
Had to go back to an old e-mail from August and managed to download it from there.
Not even sure if it is the latest version or not.
Version 9.0.869 Virus d/b 271.1.1/3259
Tested objects 217051 and took 9.5 minutes.
A big difference from the 30 seconds it was taking.

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