patso 22:22 11 Oct 2004

DO i need to uninstall my old anti virus which is AVK before i can get the free AVG anti virus download as i have tried to get avg with no sucess while avk is still on my pc.im running xp home.thanks again.

  stalion 22:26 11 Oct 2004

best to uninstall first, two virus programmes on the same computer can cause bad conflicts

  cottager 22:28 11 Oct 2004

As anti virus programmes can be incompatible it is a good idea to uninstall your old one before downloading AVG. AVG is a good programme and you don't need to download this from the internet. If you buy PC Advisor then this programme is quite often on the free CD/DVD's that come with the magazine. Install from the disk and then after setting up the programme go online to get any updates.

  badger23 22:50 11 Oct 2004

Since installing XP service pack 2 my Norton 2003 is incompatible, but AVG and Zone Alarm work well in conjunction with XP2. I also use cyberscrub to totally destroy deleted data, browser traces etc. to way beyond US Dept of Defence standards at least twice a week. Using a high level security 7 wipe random algorhytm pass method, takes a while but well worth it in terms of security.

You can get ongoing cyberscrub trial mode by setting up temporary mail addresses, and re-loading every time the trial runs out. See pc advisor back issues within last 3-4 months I think.

  MAJ 22:51 11 Oct 2004

Don't download the free version of AVG, it misses too much, try Avast4 instead.

  Belatucadrus 00:17 12 Oct 2004

Do not uninstall AVK before you get the download of AVG or avast click here , you need protection while on the Internet for the duration of the download. But be sure to remove AVK before running the installation routine for whatever replacement you decide on.

  osben 10:39 12 Oct 2004

Is that a known fact? Avast4 Home edition is better than AVG free version.

What's the general concensus on this with everybody else.

Would be interested to know.

  MAJ 11:08 12 Oct 2004

I find Avast a lot better than AVG, osben, especially incoming email checking, which is [almost] non existant in AVG.

  MAJ 11:10 12 Oct 2004

Just to confirm that I'm talking about the free version of AVG, I haven't tried the paid-for version.

  Belatucadrus 11:30 12 Oct 2004

In my opinion as somebody who has used both, avast is a better package than the current AVG free, however Grisoft have released a Beta of their next version of free anti virus software, due for full release some time in late November. This should close the gap, but doesn't change the fact that alwil support avast free, grisoft don't support AVG free users.

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