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  the golfer 20:46 16 Apr 2003

I have used AVG free edition since last year. Today I couldn't use it. Aler is - AVG Control
Centre. Dll could not be registered, Err=800703f1. I have even removed the old system and downloaded a new file, got the new password, and the message is still the same. Can anyone please help??

  Keith 22:14 16 Apr 2003

Is it a time-limited program that expired? Not being facitious, but migrate to something you pay for - McAfee or Norton. Freebies are often false economy.

  zanwalk 22:32 16 Apr 2003

Yes it is a free program and quite highly rated by some on this site, not all free programs are substandard.

the golfer

Not sure what advice to give if you have removed the program and reinstalled, although if it is a dll file missing you should be able to find a replacement on the web. What OS are you running? If ME or XP try System Restore.

  spuds 22:34 16 Apr 2003

I do not know the answer to your problem, but if you have downloaded a new programme from the internet, then this can sometimes cause slight problems. Try a new download.

Keith- AVG is a very good freebie, and many people who use this forum can verify that. I would also suggest that I have never heard, or experienced, AVG as being a time-limited programme.I have been using it for quite a long time now.

  darknebula 22:53 16 Apr 2003

I used to use AVG to great effect but it does have certain holes in it's security which make it less than reliable, namely certain viruses it simply can't get rid of especially if their in the archive folders of windows (Restore folders toyou and me). As much as I really liked AVG I now use Trend PC-Cillin as it came with my new motherboard and is a much more reliable AV Program

  darknebula 22:56 16 Apr 2003

does anyone reckon Microsoft pay PCAdvisor to put those links into my last email coz I never did lol. Very Sneaky let's try antivirus as a word and see what happens

  monkeyshine 23:27 16 Apr 2003

I don't get links in your post, but then I don't get any advertising from here !

  MAJ 23:35 16 Apr 2003

I see this at the top of the page, but I don't see any links yet either.

"PC Advisor now highlights keywords selected by our advertisers, typically a vendor name, product or service. Keywords are underlined in green and are hyper-linked to the advertiser's site."

  The Sack 10:40 17 Apr 2003

uninstall it again, reboot and then have a good route around your HD for any onld AVG folders and files, specificaly the file you mentioned. Once you have deleted any references to AVG reboot and install the new version. It might not work but you have nothing to use.

FWIW i have both Norton and Mcafee original CDs and if anyone wants them there welcome to them, over priced bloatware that does its best to over run your PC. Give me AVG anyday.

  Belatucadrus 10:55 17 Apr 2003

click here for the Webattack missing files page, installing the VB runtime files sometimes fixes missing dll issues.

If that doesn't work.

click here FOR avast4, another freeware prog, but with better virus bulletin results than AVG.

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