AVG anti-spyware won't update

  Jan Cyrka 11:16 26 Nov 2006

Can't update AVG Anti-Spyware. Is anyone else having problems?

  johndrew 13:04 26 Nov 2006

Working for me. I just connected and updated.

  €dstowe 13:23 26 Nov 2006

Wouldn't do it yesterday but, just been successful in the update.

  birdface 13:49 26 Nov 2006

Working Ok for me,Probably Firewall or cookie problem,Try Closing your Firewall, then run it See If that works,Or this one If you have Windows Defender running, Turn that off and try,It would not let me open Internet Explorer the other night,Found out that was the culprit,And switched it off,

  anchor 14:09 26 Nov 2006

No problem either yesterday, or this morning.

Zone Alarm Pro running.

  Jan Cyrka 15:17 26 Nov 2006

Managed to get it to update at last. Probably just been stubborn.

  beynac 15:29 26 Nov 2006

My wife just had the same problem. I updated my computer - no problem. She got the message that the server wasn't ready. I re-tried a couple of times. She had Outlook Express running, minimised, at the time. I shut it down and opened a Firefox window. When I tried again, it worked.

Was Outlook Express stopping the update? Did opening a Firefox window help 'clean the pipes' with the internet connection? Was this just a coincidence? I don't know, but either/both would be worth a try if you can't get the update.

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