avg annoying pop ups

  drwho03 18:20 05 Feb 2009


does anybody know how to stop annoying popups regarding resident sheild removing tracking cookies and such without disabling the sheild, i am running vista with avg 8.0 free adition


  MAT ALAN 18:26 05 Feb 2009

Open AVG go to tools>advanced settings> untick display resident shield related tray notifications

  drwho03 18:31 05 Feb 2009

hi mat alan

have done this but still get notifications, do you think uninstall and reinstall will cure problem

  MAT ALAN 18:37 05 Feb 2009

No... try this first as well open AVG click on resident shield in overview select "remove all threats automatically under resident shield settings...

  drwho03 18:40 05 Feb 2009

have looked at this and it was already selected

  MAT ALAN 18:44 05 Feb 2009

Only other thing to try is...
Open AVG go to tools>advanced settings>untick display system tray notifications (turns off all)

If that does not work i am truly baffled...

  woodchip 18:47 05 Feb 2009

Best thing is, Chuck it and download Free Avast click here
Its also a better AV program

  Bob The Blob 18:50 05 Feb 2009

Turn off "scan for tracking cookies" in tools/advanced settings/resident shield.

  MAT ALAN 18:52 05 Feb 2009

There are pro's and con's here, it may be a better Av prog but if you don't like it, and i certainly don't it is a workaround and not a solution...

AVG serves me well can't remember last time i suffered any ill effects from trojan/virus/malware...

it is of course personal choice and it may work for you...

  drwho03 18:52 05 Feb 2009

have unchecked system tray notifications and still get popups, i think i will try `woodchips` suggestion, thanks for your imput anyway

  MAT ALAN 18:55 05 Feb 2009

Bob The Blob, probably would have got there eventually, sometime late feb early march LOL...

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