AVG 8.....I'm Confused

  six-h 15:41 06 Jun 2008

I've been using AVG 7.5 for about 4 months now with no apparent problems, but have never been alerted to upgrade to ver.8 via the automatic update site.
I have read in another mag that support for ver. 7.5 would end on May 31st, but mine still continues to download updates with the current date on.
Today it has downloaded version 269.24.6/1487 release date 06/06/08.
Is it still working, and how long will it continue?
I am having other problems with my machine at present, and could do without any more, especially having read so many poor reports on this forum!

  provider 2 16:00 06 Jun 2008

Confusion seems to be common with AVG users at the moment, though I understand updates will continue for version 7.5 until the end of this year.

This is perhaps just as well since many people are changing back to 7.5 having encountered so many different problems with version 8.0 which seems to be seriously undermining the trust built up over quite a long period in the previous version.

  provider 2 16:10 06 Jun 2008
  six-h 16:39 06 Jun 2008

It has renewed my confidence that the program is actually working!
I sincerely hope that they manage to sort out ver. 8 soon, 'cos as you say, it would be a shame to loose the trust of the public over some minor irritations.

  provider 2 17:10 06 Jun 2008


I`m not entirely sure that they are minor in the sense that they can be quickly or easily fixed and in some cases a flaw in the program has been confirmed but no date given for a permanent fix.

There seems to be also a feeling of bitterness that a trusted program seems to have been "upgraded" without its being made better or even properly tested, but that of course is opinion rather than fact.

Also, with 120 pages of complaints about this that and the next thing sparks have been flying, posts removed and people complaining that instead of an answer the "not enough information" button has been pressed far too often.

All very usatisfactory, really, but if you have neither the time or the inclination to pfaff about with workarounds, then it might be best to resist the pressure to upgrade for the moment.

  six-h 17:25 06 Jun 2008

That is a shame, my totally uninformed view, based only on my experience of ver. 7.5, is that this seems to be the mutts nuts, so to speak.

I occasionally chat with a computer engineer that is responsible for the system at the school where I assist in a PC literacy class, used to swear by the full paid for Norton security suite, and would not hear of these "Freebie" programmes, he reckoned that they were only useful to the developers on account of the feedback that they get from them.
Talking to him the other day, he recommended AVG 8 free, and said that he uses it on all his private PCs, a turn around that quite impressed me!

Are the people that use the paid for version of "8" having the same problems??

  Technotiger 17:29 06 Jun 2008

I have updated to the Free AVG8 (from AVG7.5)a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with it, no problems at all.

  provider 2 17:36 06 Jun 2008

I believe so, based on the appearance of one or two posts asking "Am I in the right place?" and being turned away by the volunteer helpers who point them in the direction of "official" AVG support.

No doubt about the usefulness of the feedback to the developers, though in this case they might just be wishing it could have been a bit less negative!

I`m inclined to think that whilst freebie versions might not be of much use to businesses and the like (they may not use them anyway, the law barring them from doing so), they are more than adequate for home users.

  six-h 17:46 06 Jun 2008

I fully agree with your views.
What mystifies me is the disparity between the experiences of those that have tried it, like Technotiger.
It seems to be something of a lottery, which can't be good in the security marketplace!
I think I'll carry on with ver. 7.5 until I get my poorly PC sorted, and then maybe try ver. 8 on a healthier platform!

  hiwatt 17:48 06 Jun 2008

Over the last few days I've been getting alerts from avg that the date 7.5 ends is now july 25th.

  six-h 18:11 06 Jun 2008

That's what surprises me, 7.5 updates daily for me, but I've never had any alerts concerning version 8 it seems that the "user experience" can only be described as piecemeal at best.
It certainly doesn't instill confidence!

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