AVG 8.00

  Ankermi31 09:34 27 Mar 2009

Operating Windows XP. Connection via Orange Live Box

When I first switch on the computer I am not able to connect to the internet or to emails. I get a warning up saying unable to find server. Check settings correct etc (which they are).

If I log off and switch of the system then re-load the problem clears.

I am finding AVG a minefield to get around. The only thing we have changed it to a standalone computer with gaming disallowed and that was done a few weeks ago now. The problem has occured in the last 2 weeks.

AVG is causing me a real headache the only reason it is on is because I had to update to the full version (my sub expires June)so am running it basically at a reduced price. But is it worth it?

Spybot and C cleaner are fine and the AVG Antivirus is showing no problems.

  Sea Urchin 10:07 27 Mar 2009

"AVG is causing me a real headache"


"and the AVG Antivirus is showing no problems".


  Ankermi31 14:58 30 Mar 2009

AVG causing me a real headache is just a choice of words

AVG Antivirus is showing no problems, - this means when I run the scans and I have also checked the previous ones no problems have shown up so assume no problems.

Its just the fact I cannot get logged on the first time I connect but when I re-try I can. This to me means there is something wrong somewhere but what I have no idea.

  brundle 15:05 30 Mar 2009

AVG Internet Suite? In which case it has a firewall, which could conceivably affect your internet connection. I'm a little confused by "The only thing we have changed it to a standalone computer with gaming disallowed and that was done a few weeks ago now" - changed from what?

Wired or wireless connection? Is everything (including the livebox) switched on/off at once? Is the Livebox left on all the time? Do other machines connect OK when you have problems with this PC?

  Ankermi31 08:53 31 Mar 2009

Good morning Brundle,
I have the AVG Internet Suite and its firewall is enabled with the MS firewall disabled.

I cannot remember precisely what we changed but there were three options something to do with networking and another option plus standalone computer and as we are not networked we selected standalone computer. We do not play games so disallowed that.

We are wireless connected. The livebox is on a separate circuit - computer switched on then the livebox. The laptop connects fine and we have no problems with the laptop connecting to the internet or email it is the desktop one that causes the problem.

  FreeCell 10:57 31 Mar 2009

You have a desktop and a laptop connected to a router so you have the makings of a small network. Try changing the firewall setting to "Computer in Domain" and see if it makes any difference.

You could also try switching the livebox on first before the computer.

  wee eddie 13:14 31 Mar 2009

Free upgrade to "AVG 8.5" available

  Ankermi31 14:10 31 Mar 2009

Freecell: We do not always have both connected. The problem is like what happened now at 14.07. I booted up the desk computer, the livebox had settled i,.e. two stable red lights, tried to get on to IE and OE and got the error to say check my settings and make sure they read etc etc (which they do). Logged off re-botted and here I am.

Will put on the livebox first later this afternoon and then re-boot, might save me spending the evening looking for the "Computer in Doman" box to click!

Hi wee eddie. Of course you are of help, yes I knew the upgrade was available but with this hassle thought it best to try and sort it out before going further!

  FreeCell 15:41 01 Apr 2009


"Computer in Domain" is an option under AVG Firewall. Go to the AVG User Interface and choose the Firewall profile "Computer in Domain" in the pull down list under Firewall Options.

If you temporarily turn off the AVG Firewall does it make any difference? We seem to be assuming that it is this that is causing the problem so perhaps if you try this it would confirm it.

  Ankermi31 09:16 03 Apr 2009

OK I have now updated to version 8.5 no problems.

Can connect to IE and OE first time by putting on the livebox and letting it settle before starting the computer.

Have turned off the AVG Firewall and then put both the livebox and computer on at the same time and it will not connect. By doing them separately it does.

Cannot locate the Computer in Domain link, its me I know!

One point though I have just looked at what network connection there is and it says Nvidia nforce networking controller. Have looked through the AVG settings and noticed that one setting said it was unsafe so enabled it to safe. Is this ok?

On the old computer we use to have something called RealTek when we first got the livebox. On this new system I have found the "bits" by running search but it is definately not showing in the internet connections only the Nvidia
is listed, could this be why I am unable to put both livebox and computer on at the same time if so is it easy enough to get the RealTek back on line?

My logic is just leave but its a bit technical and thought just maybe I need a definitive answer.


  FreeCell 17:54 04 Apr 2009

The Nvidia nforce is just the make of the network adaptor in your new PC and RealTek was the maker of the similar device in your old. No problem that it's different.

This is on the PC (not the laptop?) and just to check it's running XP?

I am running AVG 8.5 with three other PCs connecting through a router (not LiveBox. If you turned off AVG firewall then it cannot be that that causes the problem.

However have a try at setting "Computers in Domain" If you found where to switch firewall on and off then you must have been close to where the option for "Computers in Domain" setting can be found.

Have a look again in the AVG User Interface. (Double click the AVG icon in the system tray) Click on Firewall then at the bottom of the screen that appears under a heading "Firewall Settings" you should see Select Firewall Profile with a pull-down selection Computers in Domain should be in this list. Have a try again

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