AVG 8.0 email scanner issue!

  gazmix 19:42 04 Jul 2008

I am about to install AVG 8. Now i use 7.5

In 7.5, i'm sure i had the option to disable on installation, the email scanner but i hear that in version 8, this option is unavailable!

I need to disable this as it conflicts with my Mailwasher that i realy like!

Can i disable email scanner on installation or when its installed, as i can with 7.5?

Also, will anything else with AVG conflict with my Ashampoo firewall, Spybot (immunization issue i heard) & Adaware?


  Spark6 20:23 04 Jul 2008

email scanner can be disabled!

  Halmer 20:36 04 Jul 2008

and then ignored gaz so that the icon in the brhc remains OK.

  gazmix 22:11 04 Jul 2008

I don't understand about the icon in bhrc?? remaining ok!! & ignored??


  Sea Urchin 23:29 04 Jul 2008

I just asked the same question today about the link scanner, and yes the email scanner can be disabled at installation. Thanks to johndrew (and others) I used this link (at the Module Selection box uncheck email scanner)

click here

  Sea Urchin 23:31 04 Jul 2008

And in the latest version of AVG 8.0 the conflict problems with immunisation seem to have been sorted

click here

  gazmix 23:53 04 Jul 2008

Cheers, i will do this & Sea Urchin's link was so helpful, however what is :-

Link Scanner &
Search shield

I just want what i had with 7.5, but without the email scanner!

Do i check the search shield box!!?? i assume this is resident shield so i should keep it??


  Sea Urchin 00:00 05 Jul 2008

Search Shield is the link scanner that advises against "suspicious" web sites when searching with Google. I disabled that as I use McAfee Site Advisor in preference.

  gazmix 00:25 05 Jul 2008

cheers, i just looked at grisofts page & am still wondering if it will conflict with any spybot/adaware etc & wether i need it or not!, i'm unsure!

Ok, link scanner & search shield are the same thing, & i can disable the email scanner using custom install as opposed to here!

click here
& article 1285!
using this will interfere with mailwasher!!

is this right?


  Sea Urchin 00:37 05 Jul 2008

I guess the only advantage of using that article 1285 is if you are likely to want to switch it on again. Using the previous method it will not be installed

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