AVG 8 problems!!

  Sabi 23:35 20 Jun 2008

Hi everyone;

I have two issues with “AVG 8 Internet Security 3 packs” (licensed for 2 years).

1) I installed the software in my laptop, which reduced the speed extremely. Yesterday after a new update was downloading, the laptop had a mini crash giving me a full blue screen with strange things, which I didn’t understand. I left the computer off for 24 hours and today it was working but slower than ever before with two AVG components missing: System tools and Link Scanner!

2) I also installed the software in my PC (2nd computer) but the license number (which I copied properly from my laptop) showed invalid, I had to put the sales number instead. The software was activated but with the expiry date showing for a month (till 5 July 08) instead of 2 years!

I have contacted AVG Tech support several times for the above but they have not replied! So I am wondering and will be grateful if anyone knows the solution to the above problems.

Many thanks

Windwos XP, AOL 9, AVG 8 Internet Security, Ad-Aware 2007 (which is corrupted too)

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:42 20 Jun 2008

using AVG, this latest one spoilt their record for me. I uninstalled and replaced it with Avast in the end.

  birdface 01:04 21 Jun 2008

Switch off automatic scan.Link Scanner and resident Shield.Remember to scan manually.

  Sabi 13:42 21 Jun 2008

Thanks for your replies;

I feel exactly as you do about AVG 8 but I can’t get rid off it as I have paid good money for the damn thing and have to put up with it for the next two years!!!! Thanks for your suggestion anyway :-)


I chose mannual scan instead of automatic right from the start so I don't think the problem is with that. At the moment the "System tools" and "Link Scanner" have both vanished from AVG!!
Last night when I click on icons from the desk top, the "window shut down" with blue screen with a timer at the buttom appeared. When the timer reached to 100, the computer shut down and restarted going through the same thing again and again!!!
I think I have a major crash in my hand :-(

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