AVG 8 problems?

  karmgord 20:53 30 May 2008

I've updated to AVG 8 first scan is showing lots of problems when previously avg 7.5 showed no problems i'm suspecting false alarms,has anyone else experienced this?

  sean-278262 21:21 30 May 2008

AVG 8 integrates a few more applications than the old 7.5 version. If you have not got things such as CCleaner and the likes of spybot search and destroy this is likely what it is picking up. I think if I remember correctly it also looks for incorrect or non used file extensions so puts those under the "issues" term when really that is more akin to housekeeping.

If you have worries about the particular items either google them or post them here and we can certainly help in assuring you if the items are real threats or just crap to inflate the number of "issues" the program fixed for you.

  karmgord 21:24 30 May 2008

have also got windows defender,spybot,spyblaster & zonealarm no previous scan using other software showed up any problems

  sean-278262 21:27 30 May 2008

Then it most probably is the extensions and missing files being pointed to in the registry. Feel free to post up what it claims as the issue however as I have said they are more akin to housekeeping issues rather than threats as AVG reports them.

  karmgord 21:34 30 May 2008

does it create/allow a restore

  sean-278262 21:36 30 May 2008

I did not keep V8 very long however you can back your registry up using this method if there are any issues. However it should not cause any issues in general.

click here

  karmgord 21:53 30 May 2008

i'll backup registry but worried i'll get in a no boot situation

  sean-278262 22:00 30 May 2008

It is highly unlikely as Spybot makes similar changes and I have never had to fix any issues because of S&D.

  Bogbrain 00:39 31 May 2008

I don't use AVG but someone I know who does has been asking me if I know if AVG8 is 'pay for' only and that the free version update has been abandoned. I've seen this occurance before with earlier updates for AVG where the free version has continued to be free ( obviously with the option of buying the pay for version ) is this the case with AVG 8 ? Or has the free version of AVG8 been completely done away with . . . .

  birdface 08:15 31 May 2008

AVG has problems with Spybot and SpywareBlaster.Any of the problems that AVG show are anything to do with Active Exe ignore them.If you have already deleted them go to SpywareBlaster and enable all protection again.You may have to do the same with Spybot.Apart from that AVG works Ok.

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