phil.smith 10:17 11 May 2008

I am currently running AVG 7.5 Having read some of the threads about AVG 8 I wonder what the forum's thoughts are about whether it is best to upgrade or go for AVAST instead?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:34 11 May 2008

Avast is just Antivirus
if your going for the full suite Av + Antispyware then upgrade to AVG8

For AV I prefer Avast but thats a personal choice, they are as good as each other in the free versions

  charmingman 10:48 11 May 2008


ive used both of them for many years & to be honest the AVG8 looked great at first but then i realised it slows your pc right down..so i went with Avast...hope this helps

  dms_05 10:49 11 May 2008

I've used both and have never had an infection on any of my computers. Chose the one you feel comfortable with.

  Belatucadrus 11:50 11 May 2008

Actually avast! 4.8 has incorporated anti spyware & Rootkit coverage click here

I prefer avast, but there are those that favour AVG. To each their own.

  denzo01 02:26 22 May 2008

I have been with AVG for some time the 7.5 was very good never had any probs and then came the new AVG 8. well lets just say it hasnt lived up too my expections.

i have now gone with Avast which has been alot better, with having real-time scanning that does your daily scanning while you browse online, and extra spyware protection with rootkit.:)

  crosstrainer 07:00 22 May 2008


  Seth Haniel 08:12 22 May 2008

As I have no web connection at home I choose manual updates (worked fine in AVG7.5) but AVG8 constantly even after manual updates tries to connect to web - not just once but constantly -just look under manage and it is filled with failed attempts -
been with AVG for years but think they have tried to monopolise on the market this time and its gone badly wrong - 2500+ false positives in my old pc after 2 hourscan - and vault only able to hold 1000 - ;(

  birdface 08:29 22 May 2008

Stick with 7.5 just now till AVG gets the 8.0 version sorted out.Seth Haniel,Hi I always thought that you had to be connected to the Internet before you could download updates,learn something new every day.If you run AVG you can tick the button for it to power down the computer when it has finished scanning that is ideal if you are going out or going to bed.

  [email protected] 08:34 22 May 2008

or try this click here

  ^wave^ 08:34 22 May 2008

swopped over to avg8 from avg7.5 no probs and still no probs after some weeks now

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