avg 8 free - problems updating and uninstalling

  pookie 14:12 31 Jan 2009


windows xp

i use avg 8 free but recently when updated it says 'unprotected - update needs restart'. This still comes up even if i reboot the pc.

i tried uninstalling avg to clean reinstall it but it won't complete the uninstall process as 1 file won't delete. I can't uninstall it via control panel nor through avg own uninstall.

any ideas?

  brundle 14:14 31 Jan 2009

"it via control panel nor through avg own uninstall"
- unless you mean the actual AVG uninstall tool, the above are one and the same thing.

click here

Boot and run the tool in safe mode

  brundle 14:17 31 Jan 2009

I don't trust free AVG these days, root-kit protection is something Antivir and Avast free versions include where AVG doesn't and I've had to fix two machines where AVG allowed such things to remain undetected.

  crosstrainer 14:22 31 Jan 2009

Similar. I'm only using it on my Windows 7 test machine, and I go nowhere except the tech. forums and here.

It still lets in bucket loads of stuff. The more worrying thing is that the engine is the same one as in the paid version (unless someone is telling porkies)

  brundle 13:54 01 Feb 2009

Oddly it still passes the VB100 (the paid-for version) - but you can't see any details without being a paid-up subscriber, and like you I would think they use the same scanning engine and just take out or disable the things they want to withhold from the free version.

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