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  porridge 09:59 25 Jun 2008

I wonder what I am missing, for in all the threads I have read on this subject, no one seems to care that a full scan takes about three hours despite the promised "faster" in the advertising bumph tempting us to move fro 7.5 to 8.

Secondly I am given WARNINGS, some six hundred odd mostly about active x adware files. Can anyone tell me what the warnings are about? If I searach for Adware on my machine it cannot be found!!

I have disabled Link Scanner on the components and that reduces the scanning time by about an hour but that is still much more than version 7.5 took.

Any explanations will be received with thanks.


  provider 2 10:06 25 Jun 2008

Perhaps more questios than answers here:

click here=

  cocteau48 10:08 25 Jun 2008

These Active X registry scripts are being written by other antispyware programs (Spybot and SpywareBlaster).
The theory apparently is that they are false positives - they are identical to the script which would be written by a genuine piece of malware - and that they therefore stop that malware from infecting your machine.
AVG 8.0,in doing its job properly,cannot (quite correctly)distinguish between these false positives and the real thing so flags them all as warnings.

  porridge 10:23 25 Jun 2008

Provider 2 and cocteau 48.

Thank you for your prompt reactions. I am a little wiser now and realise that I can really ignore the "warnings" I am however still puzzled that a scan should take so long.


  provider 2 10:25 25 Jun 2008
  birdface 10:26 25 Jun 2008

Have you set the slider to a slow scan,You can move the slider to far right and it will do a fast scan.Slow scan on my computer this morning took 1 hour and 7 minutes.Fast scan normally takes about 30 minutes or less.You can turn your resident shield off as well.

  provider 2 10:41 25 Jun 2008

"Those who have experienced genuine problems with web surfing speed can de-select the linkscanner.
However the default "standard installation" will continue to install this valuable security tool."

Would somebody please explain the logic behind that statement?

  Ditch999 12:21 25 Jun 2008

It seems to me that each individual provider is making their software incompatible with others. Is this a deliberate ploy or just coincidence?
Are we being rounded up like sheep to follow one company and then realise that if we want a firewall, an anti-virus programme and anti-spyware programme that all work with each other that we have to buy it!

  provider 2 12:39 25 Jun 2008

I don`t know but there does seem to be a kind of finality in these statements:

click here

Particularly: "To assure protection provided by AVG Free against these threats, it is not possible to remove such signatures from AVG Free virus bases. Because of this, "Immunize" function included in above mentioned softwares is NOT compatible with AVG Free products."

  birdface 09:39 26 Jun 2008

Yes it looks like we are stuck with the active x problem. If they put an Ignore next time button on it would help instead of having the same problem every time you scan,But they can't do this for obvious reasons.I must admit it has never found any problems on my computer except the 190 Active X problems,So sometimes think maybe it is not working properly.Its free and still a good program.All I need now is a decent computer to run it.But holding on to my old Tiny computer until it conks out.Whichever one of us goes first.The odds are probably with the computer.Wonder what odds the bookies would give me.

  provider 2 11:10 26 Jun 2008


I don`t think we need a bookie to tell us you`re going to last forever, and a good thing too. I don`t think the same can be said for your Tiny computer, however.

Regarding AVG, it seems to me the that AVG 7.5 which was the basic virus program, was outstandingly good and though it pains me to say so, maybe even better than Avast!

It`s the addition of this anti-spyware stuff that is causing problems and I see AVG have been doing some re-arranging of their site to handle posts about it: click here

Also, from the tone of AVG`s statements as well as what they actually say, it seems clear that they are committed to this combined anti-virus + anti-spyware approach, no matter what, and there is a now take it or leave it attitude that is not particularly reassuring.

Personally, I find it difficult to follow much of what they have to say. For example they say the Linkscanner is a valuable security tool, yet SP1 will make it easier to switch off, or leave out of the installation altogether ... it can`t be all that valuable, then.
Also, when listing the improvements in SP1, they never fail to mention 70 million users, but this figure was achieved by AVG 7.5, not AVG 8.0 which is getting a significantly different reception.

It will be interesting to see what changes are made in SP1 when it arrives ... July?

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